Dalai Lama is seeking the world community to help resolve… How does he propose the world community to help when this is an internal matter?

Did the EU leaders stand in solidarity not to boycott the forthcoming Olympic Games on objective grounds or, because Dalai Lama had not called for a boycott? What if Dalai Lama decided to boycott? Would I see the world boycott the Olympics then?

In the latest issue of Times magazine (ending March), the writer haloed how enlightened and magnanimous Dalai Lama is. Yet impressing me his slant at demonising China on human rights issue, a legacy of the past, on the present lot of China leaders.

If I understand correctly, each province is made up of local leaders. Are the local leaders in Tibet stooges of the Central Committee? Are these local leaders not given the autonomy to see fit the province ought to be governed? What is freedom of thought and speech? Are the monks being persecuted in their saffron robes or practising their religion? Criticisms made that Chinese flood the land but are Chinese nationals not gracing their presence in every developing countries especially the West?

I’m not a China watcher or a Tibet watcher. But pardon me and don’t get me wrong, I’m not pro China but — pressure-cooking or putting the human rights issue on the present lot of leaders in China is as fair as wondering if the Dalai Lama in exile is the one encouraging the recent protests and unrests. Surely the monks would not take on or initiate the protest by themselves.

Where was Dalai Lama when the Tibetans burnt the China flag? Did he call for restraint? If the monks revered and treated the Dalai as their leader, surely they would have acted in a non-violent manner. Where is the credibility of the Dalai then?

The US rallied coalition forces to enter Iraq as a result of the 911 attack on World Trade Center in New York. Surely the sole purpose was to fight terrorism and not liberating Iraq from their tyrant ruler Saddam to eventually build up that nation.


A discretionary move of China’s leaders — selected journalists allowed in to view the aftermath of the protests and unrests. The latest, diplomats to view the situation.

If the recent protest instigated by those human rights groups and advocates was protest for peace, surely the Tibetans would not turn violent. Is this what these groups want to see and achieve? Are they successful in their endeavor to pressure-cook?

According to news report, I saw the presumption on the young Tibetan monks crying foul that the Chinese government were putting a farce to mislead the reporters! Are reporters/journalists such naive people?

What is the role of the monks in Tibet? Are they not religious devotees who believe there is a greater being who can deliver them? Don’t they believe in the wisdom not to excite and incite such anger and helplessness? Are they not advocates of peace and non-violence? Where is that serene look of enlightenment on their faces?

Recent events around the world reveal religious groups take on to some form of protests…peace or violence… Whichever, a protest is a protest — its goal is to draw out or incite some form of emotions…positive or negative…into action!

Is there no better way or creative solution to one’s frustration or plight? Helplessness is a learnt behavior…according to the psychology discipline.

Reflecting, I’m glad my parents’ generation plod on faithfully and quietly to provide for us and in turn they are the ones who had built the prosperity and peace I enjoy today.

I salute my parents’ generation.


Congratulations to those…calling for boycott to the Olympic Games at Beijing?!

Boycott the display of the best of the best?

Boycott those athletes and sportspersons who had spent years of training and monies expended just for this meet?

Thank you for turning this Olympic Games into protests and unrests…turning good into evil?!

Thank you for calling boycott on the Games just to save Tibet from cultural genocide…how magnanimous!

Remember one finger points to China — are not four fingers pointing at yourselves and countries you hail from?!

Remember China means the Middle Kingdom. If she had shut herself up for several decades and still survives, will her people be cowered to such ‘mild’ intimidation? Is this not time for the Chinese to stand in solidarity?

All those human rights groups and advocates…are they NOT out to destroy your existence and your countries?

See the anger and hate rising among the helpless…people, monks and like…under suppression? Are you not drawing the worst out of the human? What self-righteousness!

What concrete and constructive steps are these groups and persons taking to help Tibet grow economically or bring some good into that nation? Are you  happy now that the Tibetans are poorer by the destruction created through the protests? Is this not giving you opportunity for more protests and boycotts?!

Wow! Are you not playing the child’s game?

Are you not guilty of giving and at the same time, taking away?

Congratulations for making mockery of the Olympic Games and

— the best of the best! 


Why are foreign journalists banned into Tibet? What’s the rationale? By banning foreign journalists, is this one way to solve the problem of protests and unrests?

The world needs reportings from different national journalists. Let the general reader decide that read worth keeping. Human beings need to be informed…and know… 

A responsible journalist will report that he sees as candidly and truthfully. If that reported was biased and deaths occurred, the burden remained on the journalist for the remaining days of his life or, he would live with joy when there was peace and stability.


I cannot understand the allegations made that China is severe and controlling harshly those living in Tibet and surrounding areas. If China had performed their task stringently, surely the protests would not be so widespread…

_44508208_445031241.jpgimage from bbc.com

The word ‘violence’ had been on the lips of many. Can the monks describe the violence forced upon them? ‘Violence’ is an emotive word yet means nothing if not concretely described.

Furthermore I heard from news that the protests began with the students (high schools or university?) in Gansu. If high schoolers or teenagers began this, common sense spells that that reported did not add up!

Vengeance or creating pressure groups or politicising cannot resolve!

#38 celebrating 117th bday


Amai Cering (left) with her great granddaughter. [Xinhua]

Wow! Born on March 16th, 1891! Amai Cering, a Tibetan, had just celebrated her 117th birthday. From the photo I can see she has no wrinkle and her eyes still bright but like all elderly, her skin is darker in color. The oldest Tibetan alive?!

It’ll be interesting to find out the kind of foods she took. How she was able to keep so fit.

I know of a few Japanese elderly who wake up early in the morning at 4am to work on their farms. During my visits to China, I found many elderly fit and strong. I wonder if that was not the result of not overeating unlike many of us who indulge in good foods and pop vitamin supplements or, intake of birds nest or ginseng. I’d read several Taiwanese elderly who lived the US contracted cancer — a result of too much intake of red meat? Yet some who changed to tofu diet also contract cancer.

Do I want to live that long? I guess I would if I had something meaningful to do daily to keep me bright and youthful and happy and above all, that I’m fit and strong and mobile!


For the Christians this week is Passion Week culminating in the sacrifice of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, to redeem man through the power of His resurrection. Without the Resurrection, there is no Christianity (reference New Testament of Bible 1 Corinthians 15). The people at the time were expecting a political figure to help redeem them but God Incarnate chose peace through sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

This recent event in Tibet reinforces religious leaders should not engage in politics. The role of religious leaders or church ministers is to shepherd and offer constructive ways to building the community in an unassuming manner.

As I hear about the tension and violence in Tibet which gets worse by the day, it appears the situation is grave to warrant China to take a stern stand and for the Dalai Lama to contemplate stepping down from his religious position. What is really happening?

Why do human beings want to destroy one another? The sins of the forebears have created this dilemma? Is there reconciliation?