#263 cosmetic appearances

I gather the new young generation is going for cosmetic surgery to look better — beautiful or handsome — in order to clinch a job OR get (clinch??) a spouse! If this is true, they’re bucking the trend of the Koreans or the Japanese or the China Chinese!

What a sad state! But then someone has to make money from the naivettes!

Since the recession, even though this has not impacted that much in this part of the world, there is the ‘frugalista’ (from Investopedia) group where these keep up their appearances by buying from 2nd-hand stores for clothes or going for the less expensive trendy cheaper range of clothes but going for expensive haircuts.

Often times I wonder about keeping up with appearances.

I certainly have experienced when I decided to do some real shopping, I’d dressed down. Guess what? I’m NOT served. The salesgirl would look me up and down, and decided to move away. I smiled to myself. I am the queen here as I have the money! If these salespersonnels have jobs of their choice, they would not be in this line.

This experience proves why some salespersonnel bring in more sales. However the sales manager might pitch to them that they need to know which customer would bring in a sale. Psychology or otherwise, it’s the personableness and persuasiveness of the salespersonnel who  brings in a sale.

However when I decide on window-shopping, I would dress better and, well, well, well, I received attention. I smiled to self as I enjoy watching the reaction of the salespersonnel when they could not persuade me.

You see salespersonnel do not know the real value in making money. A sale is a sale so long as the cash register tinkers. By selecting the better-looking and better-dressed customers, one might just lose a sale to a less-dressed customer who had entered!

Job-selection: looks might be important but at the end of the day, it is performance that works the miracle. So whether better-looking or less, it’s one who can deliver the quota or rake in more money for the company that counts. If the company did not make money and go bust, would the staff continue?!

As the proverb goes: Never judge a book by its cover.

Besides, cosmetic surgery makes one look plastic!

Beauty comes from the heart — a gentle and quiet spirit (New Testament Bible) — NOT outward appearance as fashion suggests!

#225 numbers or service

One hears or reads statistics announcing the rise or fall of stocks or drop in sectors of economy. Are these useful for the public to gauge what is really happening or going on?

Take for example, tourism revenue. Is this that urgent or important? Fuel hike brought down many companies on the brink of closures. Naturally there will be fewer tourists into a country but do they bring in as much revenue as say, local spending?

The services offered in different sectors catering to the locals in Singapore is appalling.

Generally Singaporeans do not like to serve. 

Some, especially those in the service sector find this humiliating unless they are given a commission towards each sale. Many know what service is in theory but putting into practice…?!

A classic example: taxis with automatic doors. The taxi driver will not lift his finger to open the door for the passengers. I was told that automatic door service is for pregnant ladies or elderly.

In Japan, the taxi driver automatically opens the door when the taxi picks up a passenger. 

In shops or department stores, you see many salespersons around. They just add to the congested human traffic flow some time or chatting away on their own!

Furthermore, in some supermarkets or stores, you find workers blocking an area which is already congested!

In the past, store manager in highend department stores ensured all items of goods were nicely stacked on the shelves before opening hours to the public. These days, the workers come in at the same time as customers streaming in to make their purchases or buys!

Tell me, is this service provided to or for customers? 

Unfortunately many are willing to tout for sales but unwilling to offer services…