#211 dispute over ancient temple

The latest dispute according to news left 2 Cambodians dead and 2 wounded while 5 Thai soldiers wounded.

Where is negotation? Where is peace? What do some leaders know about peace?

These leaders certainly know how to add spicy spices to the lives of the villagers.

As it is, the villagers are living in dire poverty, will they have to flee?

Are temples not holy shrines?

The 11th century Preah Vihear temple, now cited as an UN World Heritage site, though situated on Cambodian territory (?), Thailand also claims right to that temple.

Will the UN World Heritage body consider removing the recognition?

Conflict over the rights to tourism revenue?


Are Singaporeans living in a climate of fear?

There are rules and regulations one has to abide in every walks of life. In school, there are disciplines a student has to observe. At workplace, there are ethics, rules and regulations a worker or staff has to abide. Top and middle management have to ‘keep mum’ on whatever deals or forward thinking and blah, blah, blah. At home, depending on the kind of parents– ‘not to wash dirty linens in public places’. Every institution has its ‘boundaries and parameters’!

What is freedom of speech? Is freedom of speech not self-censorship? To say that will encourage and build…or freedom of speech means we can say anything…even to the extent of ‘murdering’ — pardon me slandering another and behave like some immature and spoilt brats?

Why are there no credible opposition parties in Singapore?

JB Jeyeratnam in his eighties is on news that he will run the opposition camp. My question is what has he constructively contributed or build up to show in his community or wherever he is in? Is he one of those who talk…talk…talk…and nothing concrete to back up his credential or contribution?

The best and most credible opposition party member I know of — Mr Chiam See Tong. I respect this gentleman for sticking his guts all those years and for his Potong Pasir constituency who stood by him. The dwellers suffered to a measure in terms of ‘being provided for or entitled to or rights’ as citizens. This is one flaw of the ruling party — punished the constituency for not voting them in.

Is this not life? The survival of the fittest?

Do we know how to beat a given situation with prudence and wisdom?