This global economic and financial crises foil those who want to retire.

Perhaps the recession is positive phenomenon though harsh and tough this might be.

There was the anxiety that there might not be enough hands to feed the mouths of the elderly baby boomers should this generation retire from the workforce.

Idling with nothing to do makes a person dull…activities enhance the vitality and well-being of a person.

So will the baby boomers come up with innovative ways to keep oneself useful and hopefully to bring in an income yet helping the flailing economy back to its feet?!


Ha! I’ve yet to come up with a 3rd career after retirement — to reinvent self. A year past yet… Life is getting restless and meaningless! Sad huh?

Surely I’m mature to fill my time well. To a measure, I have but…something is amiss, i.e. little or no challenges to test one’s mind and strength intellectually and socially.

Any suggestions? Any comments? Any advice?

#02 retire

Retirement equals not employable?

If that is so, can I start something? If I do, will I have the energies to finish that I began?

Time slips by…so quickly…silently…and mercilessly.

Life without something meaningful and purposeful to work on is painful. Not knowing how to use the time productively is…