#131 a holy, evangelical scam

Yesterday on BBC International I heard the tail end of a conversation but I could not find the program to verify the accuracy of this write. Thank you BBC International for this snippet.

It appears there will be an evangelical website on the internet for anyone who believes in the end times — rapture. The user might have to fork out US$40 for membership fee. It seems this group is trying to do good works by giving those non-believers a 2nd chance! What a religious scam!!!

The word ‘evangelical’ refers to Bible-believing Christians. But this group is surely not true believers in the Christian faith — as a matter of fact, they could be classified in this act as ‘anti-Christ’ during the end days.

Christianity is about putting one’s faith and believing in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Christianity is not about the end times — or rapture.

If a person believes and walks in the way of the Lord Jesus and lived on the promises of God faithfully, surely one need not wonder about one’s salvation. If a Christian believer is not assured of his/her belief, then…

However, if this group is using this as a form of ‘do-gooder’ to give non-believers a 2nd chance to believe, then this thinking goes against the grain of one’s belief and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Is this group using the word ‘evangelical’ to their convenience?

Glad each one is answerable to God and God alone on judgment day — that is if one believes in the afterlife!