#129 bad question

I heard on the BBC International when a journalist asked a white caucasian south african this question:

“Will you consider marrying a black?”

Personally I find the journalist has worded her question to the ordinary citizen not only badly but offensively and irresponsibly.

This is one way to arouse more hate and vengeance! Is she out to suggest there is racial discrimination? Woe betide!

The issue in question is not about marrying another race — the issue is marriage, full stop! Obviously the journalist has yet to understand what married life is about.

Marriage is more than the lovey dovey expressions often portrayed in the media when two persons committed living together and happy hereafter.

The reality of married life is living with differences and reconciling those differences steming from one’s upbringing, education, background and lifestyle.

Two different races marrying will inevitably have to rise above more insurmountable differences.

Here the journalist’s question refers to a mixed marriage.

There is a wide yawning gap here for the young married couple — much greater adjustments to hurdle and in due time, money or lack of money is the issue which is one of top list of causes to marriage breakdown!