#210 school lessons boring

“How’s school?”

“It’s boring!” remarked a teenager from a good school.

Sadly students think that teachers can teach…but the truth is, many of us who had gone through the mill discovered the qualified teachers were average. They could hardly impart knowledge. Some teachers read through the text with us during lessons and they expect us to perform. We must be the intelligent to have gone through schooling with such teachers!

I recall in the past when teachers have time, they would gossip and naturally creating more and more discontents. Some teachers took their frustrations out on the students…I reckon that was abuse! This unhappy and cantankerous mood of teachers was resolved when the education ministry made teachers attend extracurricular courses and given opportunities for upgrading their skills.

However today, a new phenomenon has emerged. The young think they are smarter than the grown-ups…especially those in the primary schools!

There is seeming lack of humility and unwillingness to learn. If children resist learning in every situation or think they know more than adults, the society is heading for…I don’t know what! 

Is this the frog-in-the-well mentality…or, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

#185 inconsiderate youths

Around 5.30am on a Sunday morning, a time when many who had a stressful week would want to sleep in only to be awakened by some inconsiderate youth.

They blared their Indian music and shout on top of their voices yelling I-don’t-know-what in Indian language and also smashing glass bottle.

I wonder why the Indians in the community do not go down and tick them off. If they did, did these youths not listen to them? Or are they afraid they would be beaten up one day?

If a person of another race were to tell them off, this would be construed as racist.

Without offense, are these youths not considering their parents or family members when they were making such din?

Are these youth from another community…where their parents and family members are not aware?

Are these not educated youths? Are these frustrated youths?

What is gracious society?

#184 child care services

Interesting. This issue of procreation to increasing the number of babies is hotting up…

Naturally there are selective ones who can afford at every turn are unable to produce babies! Those who hardly make ends meet seem more successful and productive??!!!

What is child care services? What makes good child care service? Professionals to take care of children?

One might as well create institutions or homes for children and have parents collecting their child or children respectively during weekends… Even then…some parents work around the clock…to make big bucks or appear successful in life… Some parents just don’t know how to take care of children…and for some taking care of children or raising a child is stressful… When slogging throughout the week, parents crave free time to self…or socialise…

Some under the guise of spending quality time!

I know of professional women who subconsciously abuse their child!

What is good parenting? What is parenting when both spouses are working?

Some hire foreign housemaids to take care of their homes and children.

Many today take home tutors or tutorial centers to mind their children in the name of conscientious academic achievements!

Some expect the schools to mind their children for them.


Was this not what Karl Marx was suggesting in some of his writings?

Mao Tsetung in China was the leader who liberated women when he made the men stay home to cook and children put into institutions while the women worked in the fields.

When you want people to produce, there seem a reluctance especially for an educated society. In rural community, procreation is THE way to living…or gives one meaning to living.

What twists and turns…such is life!


“Arghhh…vandalism! I exclaimed when I saw the “O$P$ followed by a mobile phone number” while descending the public lift.

‘O$P$’ stands for ‘owe money pay money’ — a slogan of warning by the loan sharks.

Why go to loan sharks? Out of desperation? A result of overspending? Or a case where banks do not lend to those having little means?

There’d been situations when a new homeowner met with nasty words painted on the walls outside their door. Obviously the loan-sharks are not smart people who know not how to monitor their lenders! These loan-shark scoundrels want to make easy money yet fumble this folly and exploiting the weak!

In this day and age when at every turn we are bombarded to living on credit card. Unwisely many are sucked in and are never able to get out unless one receives a windfall!

Gone are the days when children are taught to put money in a piggy bank — save 5 cents for 10 cents given or, to set aside from pocket money received regularly.

Parents who live on credit cards will inevitably impart this same value to their children. So spins the sad tale of the have-nots. Eventually one puts the blame on society and bad governance and so forth and so forth!!!

Glad my parents taught me never live on borrowed money — if I don’t have, I must not hanker. Parents who had gone through war generation knew how to skim and save! Unfortunately today many are influenced and stimulated by being ‘in’ or follow the fashion and trend of the West or the US?! This one exposure I can do without…globalisation?!