#195 dream fulfilled @ 16

Yip Pin Xiu, swimmer

Congratulations to Singapore’s first gold medalist swimmer, Yip Pin Xiu, 16 years old suffering muscular dystrophy and is a student at the Bendemeer Secondary School [unfortunately I couldn’t find the newsbit I read yesterday to verify some information at the time of writing] at Beijing Paralympic 2008.

Muscular dystrophy is a rare inherited muscle disease where muscle fibres are unusually susceptible to damage. One suffering this is apparent lack of coordinations resulting from muscle weakness and there will be progressive crippling, resulting in contractual of the muscles around joints and loss of mobility.

Considering the signs and symptoms of muscular dystrophy Yip Pin Xiu is remarkable to win this accolade for our nation.

Her parents sacrificially and bravely cope with this illness of hers as this requires great commitment of physical, emotional and financial effort. This disease also poses challenges in the classroom, in the home and in all aspects of life.

Her win is her determination to hard work through dedication and is also the result of team work: under patient and able trainer in former medalist swimmer, Ang Peng Siong and her parents who did not pressure her to win, friends, school and Sports Council.

Trainer Ang Peng Siong was able to understand and encourage her by spending a day of relaxation like shopping rather than spending the time in the water!

Indeed this is celebration for her parents and trainer, Ang Peng Siong.

Pin Xiu has made everyone glad and rejoicing!

#191 disabled perform

When I look at these performers, I’m humbled and I couldn’t tell or see any difference from us, the abled.

It appears their performances and their dispositions are so like us, that often times we just forget who they are when we become irritated and unappreciative.

At the same time, they put many to shame for their verve to living.

The disabled in the society are not regarded especially in some Asian countries…perhaps due to poverty and underdeveloped. Take for instance, in Thailand, many disabled are born to the poor in the villages.

So often the blind and deaf and dumb are regarded as disabled but there are many other disabled like those suffering cerebralpalsy, atrophy of the nerves…

However there are many disabled among the elderly. As one aged, especially in the 60s or 70s age group many suffer some form of disabilities.

This Paralympics has opened my eyes to many and great possibilities for those disabled. Can they enter the mainstream of workplace? Or will they start their own to complement the mainstream?

(photos taken from chinadaily.com.cn)

#190 paralympics opening ceremony

It was sad I could not view the opening ceremony of the Paralympics at all…and neither the competition as this was not broadcast on our television screen.

I copied this slideshow (not sure if I’m allowed, if not, please let me know. Thank you.):


I read this from chinadaily.com.cn where this 12-year-old Li Yue, who survived 70 hours before she was rescued at the Sichuan quake, performed at the Opening ceremony. What a pity I couldn’t actually see the footage!

(photos taken from chinadaily.com.cn)

#188 paralympics 080906-17

There was great publicity on the Olympic Games…but somehow, the next big Paralympic Games from September 6th-17th slips international attention!

Is this because the Paralympics is not a politizing medium??!!!

Glad the Torch will grace different locations in China.

(from chinadaily.com.cn)

These paralympians are able to use the same facilities in the Olympic Village built for the Olympic Games. However there will be noticeable support equipments in the bathroom, toilets and rooms for these paralympians.

When the event is over, will these units of apartment be given priority sale to the elderly or only those who could afford?

These paralympians have greater courage and determination…looking forward to viewing this Paralympics.

Will there be extensive coverage for viewers around the world? Will I be able to follow this Paralympics like that of the Olympics?