images taken from bbc.com

Now, now, now…I see whichever way the China government takes, there will be criticisms and dissensions. Nothing new!

Now the issue is about the presence of the blue uniform guardians of the flame…a respect on the part of the host country is construed as displaying her ‘superpower’.

What about those who fly their national flags in the ‘crowd’ in foreign soil? So the protestors are allowed? Haha…

Human beings have a way of politicising almost anything at their convenience to throw their weight around. Making a mountain of a molehill? Nitpicking?

I’m not surprised in the light of criticisms, the Olympic Torch might not get to Canberra, Australia, at all…to the glee of many!

The representation of the Olympic Torch was for unity, hope and peace has been disregarded and dishonored.

Man certainly has a way of contradicting self…do we know what we want?