#157 can man control weather?

There is constant vigilance and scrutiny these days about pollution and the weather on the forthcoming Olympic Games in Beijing…will the pollution hinder or bring some side-effects on the health of the athletes?

What is the media doing by constantly harping upon whether China is able to clean up the air for the Games?

Is China not doing her level-best to take control of the weather and her environment?

Is the media and those in the West asking China to become like a god or deity?

It has been clearly stated: man cannot and not able to take control of the weather. If man can take control of the weather, then…man is almighty!

A decision had been made for China to host this Games. Why are the media and human rights groups and some leaders in the world bringing longstanding issues like human rights or pollution to task? President George Bush was smart in defending his decision to attend the Opening Ceremony…

Pardon me, what have the human rights organisations contributed to the affairs of the people in that nation? What concrete realities or help have they offered except come up some statements? Why are some Chinese so foolish to echo those human rights organisations and go to jail? Surely there must be some creative and think-out-of-the-box to beat some unjust social issues.

Are the Chinese NOT able to learn from past history — the sages, heroes and writers to consider and beat the system. Historically, the people in China had suffered injustices and corrupt officials, will this be abolished within this decade…or even during this Olympic Games?

Previously, there was little publicity or hype on global warming or greening the earth –venues in the past were not under close scrutiny on such.

Unfortunately or fortunately for China today, she comes under tremendous pressure to make a success of the Games. Will the West make China stronger and almighty when she is able to control or lessen the smog?

Positively, this has brought much awareness and accelerated research on how to curb air pollution in China.

In Singapore, there was increased level of smog when there was huge forest fires in our neighboring countries.


In school, I was taught to memorise some apt proverbs for English subject. I see its relevance today when I can use these to understand a little of that written by the media.

At the moment, ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ stands out.

One interprets that read depending on which side of the fence one is sitting on.

I pick ‘the talking point’ below for convenience and I like the perspective of the Chinese to the recent Olympics Torch fiasco.




There is presumption of western media that many inside China are not aware of happenings on the outside. Perhaps those living in isolated areas and villages, but in bigger cities? Mind you there are many Chinese nationals outside of China.

Is BBC delighted when China unblocked its channel? A hunch tells me whichever way the Chinese authorities take, there will always be criticisms. Haha…a case of celebrity status?

Does China really care what the world thinks of her? Do countries in Asia care what the West think today?