#183 life

Life’s a merry-go-round —

yesterday, an encouragement to have fewer babies

as the world population was exploding

today, more babies needed as baby boomers disappearing;

the young wise-up — no time for babies?

Stress and strains…a lacking?

In life, what goes up must come down —

that’s cyclical!

Life’s a competition?

Perhaps to a young 20-something,

 X and Y generation?

#182 prayer



a way of life

which allows you to find

stillness in the midst of the world

where you open your hands

to God’s promises


find hope for

yourself, your neighbor, and your world.”

Henri Nouwen


Living in these days of uncertainties and a sense of hopelessness pervades —

senseless killings where suicide bombers and terrorists made war on the innocents and civilians by planting bombs around the most crowded and unexpected areas;

mother nature wreaks havoc — global warming; earthquakes, droughts…

perplexing economic crises — staple food crises, fuel hikes, subprime and credit crunch, etc;

and political hagglings around the world…

— as a Christian, the words written in the Book of Revelation are true source of comfort. Those warnings ring true…and reassuring me good triumphs over evil, hope as we face difficult times and gives guidance when my faith is wavering.

#149 customers

Today, everything and everyone are pegged to the dollar!

Everyone is treated as customers: schools, hospitals…

Are schools not centers or institutions of learning? Customers mean you have to pay and pay! Where are the state services providing for citizens? Will there come a time when education is so expensive that parents cannot afford to educate their child/children? Will this word ‘student’ lost in the vocabulary?

Will a day come when you’re sick, and if you can’t pay, you cannot receive treatment? The ‘customers’ sound palatable, on second thought, this is derogative term for one who is sick and needing the necessary treatment, attention and care. Will there come a time when tender-loving-care is also up for sale? Where is the term ‘patient’?

Then why are citizens made to pay annual income tax? What is income tax for? For building infrastructures; salaries for governing leaders…

Yesteryears there were lots provided through income tax for the citizens…today one has to pay-and-pay!

Has man degenerated or reduced to dollars-and-cents? Just another digit?

I can imagine a day will come when man eats man; man killing man; man violating one another’s right to life; man destroying man; — in the name of money!

Where is humanity?


Ha! I’ve yet to come up with a 3rd career after retirement — to reinvent self. A year past yet… Life is getting restless and meaningless! Sad huh?

Surely I’m mature to fill my time well. To a measure, I have but…something is amiss, i.e. little or no challenges to test one’s mind and strength intellectually and socially.

Any suggestions? Any comments? Any advice?

#126 who am I

Life is full of changes, adaptations and adjustments — living through the stages of life: infant-childhood-teen-adulthood-old age…

At every phase of adult life we were confronted with life issues to cause one to discover and rediscover self — time waits for no man…

The first time I asked ‘who am I’ was during the teen years. I questioned meaning of life and purpose in living; today, at retiring age, I’m still asking the same question…only that I have more inputs and experiences, good and bad. I have yet to reach full understanding of who I am though. Glad I found Jesus whose life and ministry gave that ‘oomph’ to growing up and trusting God’s grace is sufficient even when I fell short of His glory.

During those teen years, the time we know yet not know…life was ideal, untainted yet. Followed life’s path after college entered the ‘real but harsh’ working world. Student life was carefree…be with and chose one’s friends; the world was at our feet then…but I didn’t enjoy that as I constantly wondered about making the world a better place without considering the changes within me.

In adult life, I sought for challenges and satisfaction in achieving, naively I didn’t seek financial rewards. I was initiated into real world and life — discovered I cannot choose those at workplaces…having to work alongside some ‘geniuses’ but eccentric in manners… There was no such ‘ideal’ boss — all bosses made use of staff to advance their career paths; life was never fair; every company or organisation had their rules and regulations and they had rights over you! (sigh…so much for the crap of human rights!!!).

Working life was a microcosm of the universe I live in — sometimes a human jungle; other times a paradise!

Young adult life found one in search of soulmate to share one’s life (through social pressure or life’s path for humans?)…for some, one never found that special person; some lost that soulmate through untimely death like illnesses or accidents; some lost through unhappiness and divorce.

If married, one live through the multiple roles one assume — spouse or parent (children); circle of extended family widened to in-laws;  social circles according to one’s lifestyle adopted; where one lived; belief one held; profession or vocation or positions at workplaces…

Parents are fraught with children growing up and education and their marriage; eventually one meets the empty-nest syndrome.

The full circle comes at the golden years or rather, the ‘forgottens’ in life…some single by default and some resulting from loss of spouse…then one fades away…in a whimper.

Cest la vie!


#107 earthquake

Lately the forces of nature is wreaking havoc beyond measure, man’s control and words to describe.

Can one predict or foresee this earthquake coming? According to a source, this was predicted 5 years ago…

“Sichuan is virtually certain to experience an earthquake measuring above 7 in the next few years,” Chen Xuezhong, a senior researcher with the geophysics institute of State Seismological Bureau (SSB), wrote in a paper published in December 2002, in the periodical Recent Developments in World Seismology. (ChinaDaily)

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), this quake was the result of “motion on a northeastern striking reverse fault on the northwestern margin on the Sichuan Basin…its depth 29 kilometres below the surface.”

The earthquake of 7.8 or 7.9 richter scale in Wenchuan on May 12th, according to seismologists was as huge and disasterous as the Tangshan quake in 1976 that claimed tens or hundred of thousands lives —


The tremors were felt as far north to Beijing; east to Hongkong and Taiwan; south to Bangkok (Thailand) and west to Tibet.

To govern a huge country like China is not easy — lately the governing leaders were confronted with crisis upon crisis. I was grateful to hear their Premier Wen Jiabao went to the nearest site, Dujiangyan almost immediately, as Wenchuan closest to the epicenter of quake was inaccessible.

It was sad to receive news that many children in schools were buried under the rubbles. It was most difficult for bereaved parents to want to enter the site to scramble and look for their child and these might create pandemonium. How does one read news at Herald Tribune when soldiers cordoned off bereaved parents? If one had worked in relief disasterous areas, one understood and deemed best to leave the rescue to experts. Sometimes, it was frustrating and depressing to stand by and watch but…


In order to get to Wenchuan, rescuers and soldiers had to go on foot, even this was just as precarious and dangerous due to aftershock tremors, falling rubbles, heavy rain falls, mudslides and unimaginable but rescue a must.

In contrast to cyclone nargis in the Irrawaddy delta, Burma (Myanmar), rescue work was set in place at the earthquake in China almost immediately.

According to a friend, Wenchuan is a beautiful place and Wolong is the reserve country for pandas, I hope the magnitude of disaster was not that of the Tangshan quake.