#167 guest in host country

Should a guest in a host country not observe the rules and regulations?

A foreign journalist in a host country needs to have the basic courtesy to observe whatever restrictions there are.

Those who believe in democracy can rule their countries in the way they wish and there must be respect for those in other systems of rule in a country.

Some foreign journalists behave like a child testing how far they can behave with their parents.

Is this one reason why journalists are hated and killed?


A discretionary move of China’s leaders — selected journalists allowed in to view the aftermath of the protests and unrests. The latest, diplomats to view the situation.

If the recent protest instigated by those human rights groups and advocates was protest for peace, surely the Tibetans would not turn violent. Is this what these groups want to see and achieve? Are they successful in their endeavor to pressure-cook?

According to news report, I saw the presumption on the young Tibetan monks crying foul that the Chinese government were putting a farce to mislead the reporters! Are reporters/journalists such naive people?

What is the role of the monks in Tibet? Are they not religious devotees who believe there is a greater being who can deliver them? Don’t they believe in the wisdom not to excite and incite such anger and helplessness? Are they not advocates of peace and non-violence? Where is that serene look of enlightenment on their faces?

Recent events around the world reveal religious groups take on to some form of protests…peace or violence… Whichever, a protest is a protest — its goal is to draw out or incite some form of emotions…positive or negative…into action!

Is there no better way or creative solution to one’s frustration or plight? Helplessness is a learnt behavior…according to the psychology discipline.

Reflecting, I’m glad my parents’ generation plod on faithfully and quietly to provide for us and in turn they are the ones who had built the prosperity and peace I enjoy today.

I salute my parents’ generation.


Why are foreign journalists banned into Tibet? What’s the rationale? By banning foreign journalists, is this one way to solve the problem of protests and unrests?

The world needs reportings from different national journalists. Let the general reader decide that read worth keeping. Human beings need to be informed…and know… 

A responsible journalist will report that he sees as candidly and truthfully. If that reported was biased and deaths occurred, the burden remained on the journalist for the remaining days of his life or, he would live with joy when there was peace and stability.