#186 church worship

Last evening was Friendship Sunday at worship service. This is evangelistic outreach — is this worship service? Can certain worship service on Sundays be made evangelistic meeting?

Do Christians need to add color to the normal liturgical worship? What is worship?

The speaker was youth parish staffworker who spoke from John 5:1-18, he kept harping on the phrase ‘do you want…’ to the question Jesus asked the invalid of 38 years. This lame man didn’t have anyone to help him into the pool when the water stirred which gave physical healing to those who jumped in: “Do you want to get well?” This invalid or paralysed man naturally wanted to be healed…however it was UNLAWFUL for anyone to carry or work on Sabbath…so these words were spoken in that context where legalism was prevalent.

Later Jesus found him in the temple [perhaps the healed wanted to know who Jesus was to report to the Jewish leaders] and told him to sin no more — though he had faith for physical healing he needed to understand his sins were forgiven and he needed to live his life aright to sin no more. This the speaker did not elucidate in his message — has he given half-truth message?

After 30 minutes or more of wordiness the speaker gave an altar call to those who wanted to believe in Jesus which none stood up but when he called for those needing healing, several went up.

His repeated phrase, ‘do you want…’: Want is not need. Want suggests there is craving…for more — has he missed a point in his message?

Do preachers listen to their own messages? Are the sermons on Sundays recorded for preachers to listen to improve on their delivery of the messages or God’s Word?