#149 customers

Today, everything and everyone are pegged to the dollar!

Everyone is treated as customers: schools, hospitals…

Are schools not centers or institutions of learning? Customers mean you have to pay and pay! Where are the state services providing for citizens? Will there come a time when education is so expensive that parents cannot afford to educate their child/children? Will this word ‘student’ lost in the vocabulary?

Will a day come when you’re sick, and if you can’t pay, you cannot receive treatment? The ‘customers’ sound palatable, on second thought, this is derogative term for one who is sick and needing the necessary treatment, attention and care. Will there come a time when tender-loving-care is also up for sale? Where is the term ‘patient’?

Then why are citizens made to pay annual income tax? What is income tax for? For building infrastructures; salaries for governing leaders…

Yesteryears there were lots provided through income tax for the citizens…today one has to pay-and-pay!

Has man degenerated or reduced to dollars-and-cents? Just another digit?

I can imagine a day will come when man eats man; man killing man; man violating one another’s right to life; man destroying man; — in the name of money!

Where is humanity?

#130 colored welfare

Recently there was the blog which received great traffic flow — stuff white people like.

Shortly, I see blacks in the US wearing t-shirt with slogan, like I’m proud of black; I like being black. Previously if this word was mentioned, there would be short-fused and sparks appear!

The latest news in Africa (South Africa) is welfare or help provided if and when the Chinese classified themselves under the black category!

Have the Africans not exacerbate their color issue– even at the government official level? Is this not one form of racism?

Welfare or help provided should be on the human level — this is humanity! 


#128 marriage

These days, some men expect their wives to bring in the bacon! These days macho men are nowhere to be found. These men prefer to be house-husbands rather than face the harsh reality in the dog-fight world.

Do these men marry for convenience? They would rather gossip on the phone in the day. Where is love? What is love?

They would abuse the emotionally weak and self-diffident but scholarly qualified wives with words. These wives were caught in the dilemma of providing for their children and home.

If there was money to survive the family will be at peace, otherwise the man will hurl unkind words to deliberately wound the wife. Is there protection for such wives?

Today I hear jubilation a gay marriage took place in the west. Progress or advance society? Free society? 

It’s all about making money and business. It appears the wedding business for gays or homophiles rakes in cash!!!

Where there is marriage, there is divorce. So the lawyers or solicitors will have business too! The relevant sectors benefit.

In the 1960’s the young prefer to cohabit rather than tie knots. So we have a generation where the man and woman live together and bear children with no marriage certificate to prove the couple exists. Today…

In short, today, everything is done in the name of MONEY. Money has become a god.

Where is humanity? What is humanity? What is man? Has man reduced himself to animals…exploitation…



I cannot believe that I hear and read (update #104).

One minute visas given and then revoked for relief workers. The government wants the aid but not the professional and experienced personnel.

There was swiftness in rallying together internationally to help, gleaned from Indonesia’s tsunami (2004 December) and the US’ katrina (2005 August), unfortunately it’s the Burmese authorities who are hampering and hindering the relief.

What sickening and callous leaders — protecting themselves and not the plight and welfare of the people! Where is humanity?

Life is unfair…the already-poverty stricken-Burmese are the ones who suffer most as a result of ‘foolishness’ of the authorities.

Is the head of state fearful the relief workers might summon courage of the Burmese to revolt?

These poor are not accessible to the outside world. Many resigned to their fate. Many are resilient and did their part in salvaging to survive.

Oh it makes me weep as I write at the helplessness to see the most vulnerable young and old dying and the stench they have to stomach without mentioning their hunger and loss of loved ones and homes.

I stumbled across this blog — ‘Burmese bloggers w-o borders’ and found the following. Warning: photos on http://komoethee.blogspot.com/2008/05/president-bush-send-us-navy-asap.html are not platable but…these thunder!

The games some ruling leaders play with the lives of humans!


#104 aftermath of cyclone in burma

What manner of man is the head of the military junta? A case of mixing politics and humanitarian aid? Pride?

Six days passed after cyclone nargis swept through the Irrawaddy Delta and Rangoon, the head of state is slow to respond to international relief initated by the world — food and medicine. What a tragedy indeed!

Each passing day sees more people die without food and water, disintegrating dead bodies causing water-borne diseases and access into affected areas blocked making relief work impossible!

Storms batter Burma every year. Though warned on its severity given 48 hours before by the Indian meteorologists (in 1991 cyclone in Bangladesh claimed 143,000 lives), the scale of devastation revealed the people woke up on Sunday to rude shock and anguish.

Why were people not evacuated in the fierce wind-swept and flooded areas?

Cyclones are caused by huge revolving winds (in tropics clockwise circle) around a central area of low atmospheric pressure. Its destructive force is the fierce winds churning up the sea, causing giant waves and surges of water rushing inland with deadly power flooding the low-lying coastal areas. The heavy rain falls brought serious flooding around the rivers and delta.

Is the head of the military junta punishing the people for being fed up with his regime? Is he waiting for constitutional referendum on May 10th to decide further action? Is he so sick that those around him are paralysed to decisive and humane solutions?

During the protests, there was mobilization of the military; this devastation, few military personnel seen.

Under military power since 1962, will the Burmese rise in revolt and oust the military junta like the collective action created in the Philippines?