#213 european rights prize

Hu Jia, a prominent activist and currently serving jail sentence from China apparently won the European rights prize. What does this prize stand for?

Will this prize given to Hu Jia encourage more dissent in China?

When people are given the housing and food, will they rise up against the leadership of a country?

Will any nation in Europe give a red carpet for Hu Jia & family to live there? If they had given him the prize, surely they could go a step further in offering political asylum! That surely is freedom of expression for people like him — an opportunity to express his freedom then!

Then, he & his wife will discover if there is…

Is the West using this human rights weapon to minimise and causing dissent in a country that is a rising economic power?

There is great poverty in India yet… However India has a Ghandi proponent for peace. Yet in his lifetime, no one in the West took note of him!

Human rights issue is relative. What is democracy?

Where has democracy brought the West today? Drugs, promiscuous sex, guns, gay rights…whatever social ills there is.

The latest financial crisis is a result of greed of a few. The few squandered the resources of many? Living on borrowed money? Resulting many are having to live on the streets soon!

Today, anything and everything can be turn into weapon of discontent and dissent!

#199 domestic maids pregnant?

I read this interesting news today:

Maternity perks urged for maids

The proposed changes to the Employment Act may see more local workers coming under its umbrella, but two non—government organisations (NGOs) want the protection extended to domestic workers too — including the provision of the latest maternity benefits….

Domestic workers here, most of whom are women, number about 180,000, and the NGOs said that Singapore should take the cue from Hong Kong in ensuring that these workers have a statutory weekly rest day, public holidays, maternity leave and the right to a minimum wage.

I believe Hongkong requires the maid to look for their own accommodation and paying for their own housing! Whoever suggest this ‘take the cue from Hong Kong’ has supplied half-truth. I wonder how many members of these NGOs have experienced having domestic help.

There was champion for the domestic maids by the human rights group but there were some glaring truths they did not highlight.

Some maids abuse the master’s home when the master and family were out of town and turning the house into a sex den or for their own private affairs! Who champion for master of the house?

There are maids who do not want days off…as they do not want to join in the discontents gossiping about their bosses. Furthermore, if the maids decided to run away as some young ones who did not adjust well to new environment, who takes responsibility for their whereabouts?

The writer knows of a Filipino maid in the past requested that she not be given day off to go out. If she had a day off, she would remain in the house but when she was around, she felt uneasy not helping around the house. She went out once but found she couldn’t adjust to the gossips! The family wanted to treat her like a member of the family but she requested eating separately as she preferred her own cooked food.

I recall an interview on BBC where this domestic maid, claiming she had a master degree, came to Singapore to work as domestic maid who subsequently wrote a book. She gloated over an incident when she answered back her boss. Her boss glared at her and didn’t answer her as he was shocked to find this maid rather rude. You see there is cultural difference in getting things done. Would she answer back if her master was a caucasian?

Singapore has had prosecuted those who abuse domestic maids, so why a wanting to champion for them…unless some Singaporeans want to bring shame upon themselves by championing for the sake of championing!

When a domestic helper is pregnant, can she provide the necessary domestic help to the master and home? She is hired to work in the home. Mind you, if she had morning sickness, could she provide the same service? If the master decided to make demands, will this be construed as abuse — a case for the human rights group to champion!?

Why do Singaporean families need domestic maids?

Those who had experienced having one will know that the maid’s standard of cleanliness is different from our local demands. Furthermore, many of them do not understand what is required of them, partly language barrier. Mind you, the PUB bills go up and virtually every expenditures increased!

I wonder how many women in the workforce who hired maids paid out their hard-earned salary to the maids!

Is this a show or flaunt they are rich! Or a case of running away from reality?

Unlike yesteryears those ‘amahs’ dressed in black-and-white from China, these were dedicated domestic helpers. In some cases they literally run the households and raised the children for their masters. They became part of the family. When they became old, some of them returned to their motherland to die or went back to their own families. Those who grew up with these amah saw the great difference in having one today!

#157 can man control weather?

There is constant vigilance and scrutiny these days about pollution and the weather on the forthcoming Olympic Games in Beijing…will the pollution hinder or bring some side-effects on the health of the athletes?

What is the media doing by constantly harping upon whether China is able to clean up the air for the Games?

Is China not doing her level-best to take control of the weather and her environment?

Is the media and those in the West asking China to become like a god or deity?

It has been clearly stated: man cannot and not able to take control of the weather. If man can take control of the weather, then…man is almighty!

A decision had been made for China to host this Games. Why are the media and human rights groups and some leaders in the world bringing longstanding issues like human rights or pollution to task? President George Bush was smart in defending his decision to attend the Opening Ceremony…

Pardon me, what have the human rights organisations contributed to the affairs of the people in that nation? What concrete realities or help have they offered except come up some statements? Why are some Chinese so foolish to echo those human rights organisations and go to jail? Surely there must be some creative and think-out-of-the-box to beat some unjust social issues.

Are the Chinese NOT able to learn from past history — the sages, heroes and writers to consider and beat the system. Historically, the people in China had suffered injustices and corrupt officials, will this be abolished within this decade…or even during this Olympic Games?

Previously, there was little publicity or hype on global warming or greening the earth –venues in the past were not under close scrutiny on such.

Unfortunately or fortunately for China today, she comes under tremendous pressure to make a success of the Games. Will the West make China stronger and almighty when she is able to control or lessen the smog?

Positively, this has brought much awareness and accelerated research on how to curb air pollution in China.

In Singapore, there was increased level of smog when there was huge forest fires in our neighboring countries.

#139 release of political prisoners

According to some news sources, Congressmen Frank R Wolf and Chris Smith went to Beijing to lobby release of 734 (?) political prisoners under the human rights banner.  

Are these congressmen willing to absorb these political prisoners to America — that is, to offer these political asylum to their country?

What are some implications in releasing these political prisoners? Will China see greater unrests if they remain? Is this what these American congressmen wished for in China?

Once a dissident, always one. The person will not be subdued until he lives in another society to know the difference. If the political prisoners remained in prison, perhaps one of them might become ‘Mandela of Africa’!?

Building a nation is one of the most challenging tasks but destroying a nation is so very easy!

What is democracy offering to the world? Where is democracy? It appears more countries are entering this arena but…is the world a safer or less fightings or licensed killing in the name of wars and dissensions and protests (accidental deaths?

Today this word ‘democracy’ has many shades and interpretations…some according to the whims and fancies of naivettes or unthinking people! Is democracy not freedom to respect one another’s rights to live peacefully? Is democracy not giving one the opportunity to deal national issues through consensus?

The congressmen must be bitterly disappointed that President George Bush will be attending the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. Will they stir more resentments on President George Bush and his administration before he relinquishes the presidency? Will there be more resignations among Bush’s men?


Mongolia is in a confused state — some Mongolians took to protest allegating that votes were rigged. Does freedom means protest and destruction of premises and getting one another arrested — in the name of human rights which the world is hawking on China’s human rights issue?

If Mongolians do not appreciate freedom, will there be elections in future? Will the world point a finger saying I told you so…that China is an authoritarian rule? Is this what the world wants to see in order to put that nation down?

I sincerely hope China will rise above criticisms and allegations…

I hope the world will give the present leaders in China a chance to run their nation which has long history of dissensions and strifes — certainly not easy to rule a country when it’s so huge in land area.

I wonder — is this a ploy of the human rights organisations especially by the exiled leader who claims himself a spiritual leader. If this exiled leader is truly a spiritual leader, he would not be involved in politics of this nature.

I note whenever reconciliation talk was taking place between the envoys of exiled leader and China, there would inevitably be some form of protests in parts of China. Is their holding talks a signal for more protests — so as to put China down as the Olympic Games is due in a couple of weeks’ time!

If this is so, this is a most devious ploy.

I certainly hope the world will focus on the Olympic Games as an event in celebration of athletic prowess and glory — not on politics or finger-pointing on human rights issue!



Most interesting! I received this sms on the recent happenings in China — when adding the single numerics, they all add up to 08.

  • On Jan 25, the snowstorm preventing many from returning home for family reunion at the Spring festival celebration — mother nature from the sky (天灾):   1+2+5= 8
  • Mar 14, human rights groups gathered in protest about Tibet during the Olympic Torch Relay — man (人huo):   3+1+4 = 8
  • May 12, the 7.9 richter scale earthquake in Sichuan — mother nature under the earth (地 zhen):    5+1+2 = 8

Coincidence? hahahaha…

The Olympic Games will be held in Beijing on August 8th, 2008:  080808!

#101 suffering silently

Yesterday, parents left inheritance for their children.

Today, are children left with debts of their parents? And their own?

I know of marriages where one spouse has to service loans for the other. Will love help overcome the problem? Or will this increase the rate of divorce?

In the midst of high inflation and food/fuel crises; credit crunch and subprime — I wonder how many are suffering silently?

No matter, debts will continue to increase rather than decrease! Is there a way of canceling the debts?

Is there hope for those in debt?

Has freedom crippled and imprisoned one? Where is humanity in all this?

Where is human rights? Ooops, have I asked the wrong question?


I read this from BBC international news online.


(I do not know if I’m allowed to link  this…if I’m violating, can someone let me know. Thank you.)

During the late 1970s, I’d met Africans who spoke immaculate Chinese as these ones received scholarships to study in China. I was told then that China had some form of ties with Africa even during the Mao regime.

In terms of figures mentioned, it seems colossal profit but who can tell what will happen tomorrow? Human beings have a way of ‘bungling’…

Contracts drawn up between any two parties are never equal…even at the business level in corporations or companies in the world…a 60-40 or 51-49 at best. If a contract can bring in some good, why not? Dealing with the best of two evils when necessary?

I didn’t understand what colonial rule was until I stayed in Hongkong briefly. Basically HK was obligated to send an annual sum to the UK…how much I don’t know in return for their sovereignty.


#83 sexual violence

I heard this shocking story over the BBC international radio station, a followup of last year’s reporting — a Congolese woman was raped by 19 men and she saw her entire family members killed before her eyes. They even made her killed her baby by ‘pulling the string’ to strangle the baby to death.

Today she is survived with her 5-year old daughter. I believe she must be living for her daughter — otherwise she would have taken her own life.

How depraved these 19 men were to rape the same woman?! These men must be psychologically sick and are worse than animals.

I wonder if you could read and hear this through the link:


Apparently sexual violence is common in many parts of Africa — women and girls are raped daily!


In light of the drama of Torch Relay and human rights issue calling for boycott to the forthcoming Olympic Games in Beijing, I cannot help reflecting on this story in the Christian Bible in John’s Gospel chapter 8:1-11

Jesus went to Mount of Olives. At dawn he appeared again in the temple courts, where all the people gathered around him, and he sat down to teach them.

The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis of accusing him.

But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”

“Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”


I wonder about those countries like UK, France, US and others — do they not have this human rights issue at their doorstep? Is this because they are a democracy and are therefore absolved?

Let not the pot calls its kettle black — another English proverb.

If the next venue for the Olympic Games in 2012 was not in the UK, will her prime minister attend the closing ceremony?