#220 graciousness on mrt

I was somewhat embarrassed when a girl in her late teen gave up her seat for me when I got on at the Jurong East station on one MRT ride towards town yesterday afternoon.

At first I thought she was getting off at the next stop but to my dismay when I lifted my eyes from my book, she was standing around the pole between the two doors of train carriage. I asked the boy seated next to me to reserve the seat while I went up to the teen and asked, “How many stops more before you’re getting off?” She replied, “A few more.” I showed my gratitude and waved her goodbye when she got off at Tiong Bahru station. She made my day.

Three cheers for the new and younger generation. This was not the first time I encountered such graciousness from the young but on several occasions.

However I watched disbelieving at some middle-aged men who would fight for a seat with a lady! At times, when a pregnant lady was standing next to one, the middle-aged gallantly took the seat! Sic! Sic! Sic!

While I was in Taipei (Taiwan), I was highly impressed by the fact the young automatically stood up for their elderly on MRT.

At the Bangkok MRT, commuters lined up to get on the train even at peak hours. By contrast to Singapore, before you could get out of the train, people were pushing their way into the train even when the train was quite empty.