Hate, in the name of martyr, rules the heart of terrorists and suicide bombers.

So it’s easy to obliterate the conscience to killing of innocent bystanders, friends, relatives and loved ones.

The ultimate is hate of self and one’s belief in the Creator or Almighty or God or Allah!

#08 sunrise

Every sunrise is a present,

a gift from God above,

Gift-wrapped with scarlet ribbons

and tied with bows of love. 


Each day’s a new beginning,

a time to start anew,

While all the stars are sleeping,

the rose is fresh with dew. 


Every day’s a new creation,

too lovely to ignore,

And we may find a blessing,

just outside our door. 

We cannot keep the past,

like fireflies in a jar

Nor journey to the future

by wishing a star.


Every sunrise is a blessing,

a gift for just today.

Rejoice, my friend, embrace it

before it fades away! 

author unknown