#140 freedom of speech 3

Candid thots.

Freedom of speech is the ability to put forth that spoken or written in a most tactful, responsible and intelligent way.

To sprout anything one wishes is immaturity.

To mindlessly write by a professional is almost sacrilegious. Professionals in any fields have parameters to abide.

Freedom of speech encompasses a discipline…

Growing up, pa & ma always remind us ‘never say anything stupid or that hurt another’.

#73 freedom of speech 2

I read with great interest when I entered blog ‘What’s going on?’ http://swfreedomlover.wordpress.com/2008/04/09/freedom-of-speech-under-fire/  to discover bloggers in the US can be sued by companies. This is not the first of its kind I read and know. (Can this be a hoax?…I’m just expressing my thots on that I read…)

It seems those medical blogs are most susceptible to this. I know bloggers in blogspot.com where medical doctors were sued when they expressed their doubts about certain medical issues to eventual demise of that blog.

Is this how ‘freedom of speech’ is translated? Or the netizens have no right to freedom of speech?

Can I verify: ‘Is there freedom of speech?’

Or one that applies to one country and not to another? Or are we hypocrites — wanting yet not wanting?

#72 freedom of speech

What is ‘freedom of speech’? How do I translate that “one who is able to speak freely without censorship”?

I believe every country in the world — even in the US, there is the censorship bill.

The recent unrests and riots in Tibet resulted from a lack of freedom of speech.

Can someone enlighten me on this please?