I cannot believe that I hear and read (update #104).

One minute visas given and then revoked for relief workers. The government wants the aid but not the professional and experienced personnel.

There was swiftness in rallying together internationally to help, gleaned from Indonesia’s tsunami (2004 December) and the US’ katrina (2005 August), unfortunately it’s the Burmese authorities who are hampering and hindering the relief.

What sickening and callous leaders — protecting themselves and not the plight and welfare of the people! Where is humanity?

Life is unfair…the already-poverty stricken-Burmese are the ones who suffer most as a result of ‘foolishness’ of the authorities.

Is the head of state fearful the relief workers might summon courage of the Burmese to revolt?

These poor are not accessible to the outside world. Many resigned to their fate. Many are resilient and did their part in salvaging to survive.

Oh it makes me weep as I write at the helplessness to see the most vulnerable young and old dying and the stench they have to stomach without mentioning their hunger and loss of loved ones and homes.

I stumbled across this blog — ‘Burmese bloggers w-o borders’ and found the following. Warning: photos on http://komoethee.blogspot.com/2008/05/president-bush-send-us-navy-asap.html are not platable but…these thunder!

The games some ruling leaders play with the lives of humans!