#98 global rice grain crisis

I’m boggled at the escalating increase in the price of grains, especially rice. The poor in countries like Haiti, Philippines, Bangladesh and others took to the streets in protests and violence…

Due to climate change, for instance, drought in Australia but what about other rice growing countries?

An assumption that the rise of India and China economically, people will consume more rice.

I believe the more wealthy a country, the more meat consumed and less rice.

It’s the poor that will consume more rice. Is this a case when the poor can afford to eat a little more that has excerbated the present condition…certainly not!

I can understand the reason for grains like corn due to biofuels…but rice?

I grew up wondering about excess grains produced in the US being dumped rather than feed the poor in parts of the world — and told this was one way to stabilise the price of grain internationally!  

Is this the result of hoarding in some countries that produce such and many nationals hoping for commodity price to increase to make their millions? Will the bubble burst eventually as suggested by some pundits?


“Mr Long, you have to go for your heart echo test?” the nurse called out at a distance as she was heading for the wash basin while he was chatting with his visitors.

“What rudeness!” remarked Lynn. Turning to the nurse, she asked, “Can’t you see we’re talking? Don’t you excuse yourself before interrupting?” The nurse quickly said, “Sorry.”

“Hm…that word sounds cheap. Is this crass behavior of this new generation?” Lynn thought.

Where is the tender loving care? Where is the people-centered service? Or has the patient become another commodity?