#276 volunteering and charity

I seem to be confronted with young men and women representing non-profit organisations to give. These individuals are apparently being paid to do the job.

There are the flag days where students are required to give their time to ask for donations for these non-profit organisations.

What is volunteering today? Does being a volunteer means giving one’s time and energies to help the less fortunate or those in need by asking for donations from those around?

It appears the non-profit organisations are creating jobs for individuals who are paid to ask for donations. Are they creating a glorified begging system?

Gone are the days when volunteers gave out of goodwill — their time, money and energies.

Today, people are being paid to volunteer. A classic example is the charity shows where celebrities are paid for their services. So it appears celebrities are doing good works but the truth is they receive an income in addition to their already well-paid celebrity status. Are these celebrities making a mockery of their fans?

Now street vendors asking for donations are themselves paid to do the job of charity!

#272 transparency at the new creation church

News received that the New Creation Church pastor Derek Prince has volunteered his services. This indeed is noble on the pastor’s part.

According to its church goers, New Creation pioneer leader and deacon Jack Ho said it was a “good time to let members understand more about these businesses”.

This would help them “answer with more certainty” if they were asked about the companies, which are fully—owned by the church

MediaCorp understands he spent about 30 minutes listing the five companies, among them BrightStar Child Development Centre, Omega Tours and Travel and Rock Productions

He also told members that Senior Pastor Joseph Prince is now a volunteer at the church and has not received any salary since late last year.

Since 2004, Mr Prince, one of the church’s founders, had asked New Creation to stop paying him but council members rejected the request until last year. [http://news.xin.msn.com/en/singapore/article.aspx?cp-documentid=4132757]

Should a church own business companies? If the church did, is she required to pay corporate tax annually?

Can a house of prayer or a church dapple in making money? In the gospels, Jesus lashed out at businesses conducted in the church premises.

What is the meaning of tithing for a christian?

Can charitable organisations set up business companies to ensure there was sufficient funds to enable the organisations to carry on whatever they stood for?

If so, can this come under the umbrella of charitable organisations? Should the public continue to give?

What is charity? What does raising money for a charitable organisation mean?