#161 has the olympics changed china?

China is a huge land mass divided by mountains and rivers. Can the Olympic Games change China?

Probably not the way many outside of China would like to see. It is true that the Olympics might be a national event but those who could really enjoy the occasion is far in between. This happens in all the cities that hosted the event.

Personally I know in homes whenever parents had visitors or play host, there would be massive clean up of the homes…in some ways, spring cleaning, some things had to go to create space and so forth.

The place where it is hosted like Beijing, the capital, will definitely receive accelerated transformation which is positive but certainly not for some dwellers.

Even if the dwellers are well compensated, I believe there will be some discontents on sentimental reasons and unwillingness to change or psychologically for families or elderly to start again in an unfamiliar surrounding where possibly having new faces around. 

Undoubtedly some sights or living quarters had to make way for facilities to host the event…as a form of respect to visitors or good hospitality?

The same could be said for those cities or venues that hosted the event in the past. I recall in Sydney there were some unhappy voices on this; and I sincerely believe virtually all the venues that hosted the Olympics gave the same woes and cries.

This will definitely happen in the next host country when the event will be held unless the organisers or governing leaders have a way of getting around the problem. 

What fascinates me was this event in China had called for massive and extensive media coverage. Perhaps to generate news and to arouse interests?!

The heightened situation was China wanting to share the event with the populace only to see this backfired in the protests in some parts of the world.

No matter, the Olympics is always and will be an event NOT for the nationals or ordinary people BUT for athletes from different nations to meet in one location in celebration of their sportsmanship and…the national leaders. Like football or tennis or golf tournaments, it is always for those interested…never, never, never for all.

#105 olympic torch reached mt everest

The Olympic Torch reached Qomolongma on Mt Everest on May 8th:


Though less fanfare to prevent unnecessary ‘rattles’, I’m grateful to witness the spirit of tenacity, fortitude and courage of the athletes to make the way up the mountain at 3am (?)early morning.

A time for celebration…wishing peace and prosperity reign in Tibet and surrounding provinces and countries of Mt Everest, the highest mountain in the world.