What IS human rights?

What is man entitled to on earth? What is man entitled to born in one’s country?

Is this not man’s right — to be able to bring food to the table and feed his family and a roof over his head? Providing for his family builds his dignity and being.

Is this not what the present lot of the Chinese leaders are trying to do? (I’d be accused for being naive…am I?)

Is economic success not the road to free man’s plight of poverty and repression?

Is politics or boycotts the way to building man’s dignity today? Talk is cheap. Everyone can offer ideas but… Only those able to translate and implement to bring peace and prosperity have a say…

The only one action for any governing leaders today is to create jobs for a man to feed his family and a roof over his head!



Congratulations to those…calling for boycott to the Olympic Games at Beijing?!

Boycott the display of the best of the best?

Boycott those athletes and sportspersons who had spent years of training and monies expended just for this meet?

Thank you for turning this Olympic Games into protests and unrests…turning good into evil?!

Thank you for calling boycott on the Games just to save Tibet from cultural genocide…how magnanimous!

Remember one finger points to China — are not four fingers pointing at yourselves and countries you hail from?!

Remember China means the Middle Kingdom. If she had shut herself up for several decades and still survives, will her people be cowered to such ‘mild’ intimidation? Is this not time for the Chinese to stand in solidarity?

All those human rights groups and advocates…are they NOT out to destroy your existence and your countries?

See the anger and hate rising among the helpless…people, monks and like…under suppression? Are you not drawing the worst out of the human? What self-righteousness!

What concrete and constructive steps are these groups and persons taking to help Tibet grow economically or bring some good into that nation? Are you  happy now that the Tibetans are poorer by the destruction created through the protests? Is this not giving you opportunity for more protests and boycotts?!

Wow! Are you not playing the child’s game?

Are you not guilty of giving and at the same time, taking away?

Congratulations for making mockery of the Olympic Games and

— the best of the best! 


What on earth was Steven Spielberg thinking when he decided to boycott being artistic director of the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing! Why now?

Is this a political ruse or a stunt? Or sheer pettiness thinking he is more superior? Or is he afraid he is not able to succeed in producing a stunning show?

What has the situation in Sudan got to do with the Olympics Games? Politics? Sports? Huh?! What do these have in common? 

No doubt China may be the biggest trading partner but… Olympic Games? I thought sports was neutral!

Well, well, well, are you one of those movie buffs who watch movies produced from different countries in the world? Or only those produced by the Americans?

The truth is those movie or tv drama productions produced by the west especially the US cannot match those produced by rest of the world. Americans are good at marketing their products. There is much froth…crass! There lacks depth in content…acting skills???…

The blog ‘stuff white people like’ merely refers to those in the West perhaps referring to US, and not those in the Middle East or Europe.