#154 photos

I’d been enjoying the photos posted on flikr. I’ve yet able to post my pictures on this blog site as I don’t know how to reduce the size of picture to fit into each post.

I tried but…

Since I cannot manage this…unless someone guide me…I shall treat this a word blog. Sometimes, a picture speaks better than words though.

#43 why blog

I blog

my penny’s worth

of thots.


Today, everything is tagged to dollars and cents.

How much is your blog worth?

Blogging to make money? Or making money is the by-the-way?

What instrument used to measure the value of the blog? By the number of comments received? Number of postings per blog site? Flow of traffic? Country you live in? By profile? Variables? Biases?

What makes a blog worth reading? I was amazed where this blog received high traffic flow within 2 months of writing — stuff white people like! Catchy title and content, stuff one takes for granted and read daily.  Whoever this person or persons: brilliant!