A reminder: When a bank is nationalised, the shareholder loses everything.


While waiting for a bus last evening, an elderly Sikh lady complaint about being hazzled by those insurance agents when she was walking from the MRT station to the bus interchange.

She said, “All they do is talk, talk, talk. They want to swindle my money. They tell lies.”

Yesterday (in 1960s), insurance agents were frown upon. Only those who couldn’t find a job entered this line of work or ones who did not make it in school.

Today, it’s the university or tertiary graduates who go into this line of work!

Don’t these graduates have greater imagination and creative approach to selling insurance than to tout or practically beg for business along the streets.

Once around Raffles Place, I was approached by a bank officer trying to woo me to a gold credit card. Mind you I had received many through mail. I must add the banking line was resourceful in coming up with different ways tricking one into owning one of those credit cards though.

I said, “Sorry I’m not interested.”

“Why? Isn’t this the smart way of spending? You spend first and then pay later. You keep your money to earn interest.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…how gullible!

“How long have you been in this line?” I asked.

“Two years.” 

I had friends bragging about traveling using the bank’s money…they derided me for being foolish when I said I believe in using my own money. I wonder how much debts they had chalked up today.

#99 inconsistencies

There are many inconsistencies floating around the happenings in the world today.

UBS the 3rd largest bank in the world snowed under by huge losses created by the subprime in the US. If this is so, then why are banks in the US not go bust?

High inflation rates. Understanding a little…apparently a result of more supply of money to that demanded is the reason to inflate prices. What is the rationale?

The World Bank is taking out gold reserve to help the ‘money’ crunch…

What exactly is happening around the world?