#248 poverty

Finally the real question is asked on poverty in some nations: why is Africa poor?

A commentator, an African, candidly acknowledges that Africa is rich in resources but it is their national leaders who are corrupt and squandered the people’s wealth for their own pleasure.

The leaders fill their own stomach but the people…?

Should surrounding or rich nations offer charity to help these poor?

Unfortunately civil unrests and killings are endemic in Africa. Why do people kill people? 

Many mad leaders who champion freedom exploited children to fight! The leaders would not soil their hands… How depraved some adults or leaders are!

What is freedom? Where is freedom? What is democracy? Where is human rights?


I read this from BBC international news online.


(I do not know if I’m allowed to link  this…if I’m violating, can someone let me know. Thank you.)

During the late 1970s, I’d met Africans who spoke immaculate Chinese as these ones received scholarships to study in China. I was told then that China had some form of ties with Africa even during the Mao regime.

In terms of figures mentioned, it seems colossal profit but who can tell what will happen tomorrow? Human beings have a way of ‘bungling’…

Contracts drawn up between any two parties are never equal…even at the business level in corporations or companies in the world…a 60-40 or 51-49 at best. If a contract can bring in some good, why not? Dealing with the best of two evils when necessary?

I didn’t understand what colonial rule was until I stayed in Hongkong briefly. Basically HK was obligated to send an annual sum to the UK…how much I don’t know in return for their sovereignty.


#83 sexual violence

I heard this shocking story over the BBC international radio station, a followup of last year’s reporting — a Congolese woman was raped by 19 men and she saw her entire family members killed before her eyes. They even made her killed her baby by ‘pulling the string’ to strangle the baby to death.

Today she is survived with her 5-year old daughter. I believe she must be living for her daughter — otherwise she would have taken her own life.

How depraved these 19 men were to rape the same woman?! These men must be psychologically sick and are worse than animals.

I wonder if you could read and hear this through the link:


Apparently sexual violence is common in many parts of Africa — women and girls are raped daily!