#103 forces of nature

 Volcano eruption in Chile, South America.




Volcanic ash spilled over to neighboring Argentina (below)






Cyclone Nargis swept through Irrawaddy Delta, Myanmar on Saturday, 3rd 4th May leaving hundreds several thousands or tens of thousands? dead and tens or hundreds of thousands homeless…trees uprooted, roofs of building blown away, lamp posts fallen…no electricity and water.

Will this flood deepen rice grain crisis further?  


Video footage on the force of cyclone: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/7385157.stm (update 6th May)


And then read:

As many as 25 tornadoes may have cut through stretches of Oklahoma, Arkansas, eastern Kansas and western Missouri, Greg Carbin, a meteorologist for the national Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, told the Associated Press news agency.


Man might fight over territorial rights but the forces of mother nature is one power man cannot overcome or avoid.


#101 suffering silently

Yesterday, parents left inheritance for their children.

Today, are children left with debts of their parents? And their own?

I know of marriages where one spouse has to service loans for the other. Will love help overcome the problem? Or will this increase the rate of divorce?

In the midst of high inflation and food/fuel crises; credit crunch and subprime — I wonder how many are suffering silently?

No matter, debts will continue to increase rather than decrease! Is there a way of canceling the debts?

Is there hope for those in debt?

Has freedom crippled and imprisoned one? Where is humanity in all this?

Where is human rights? Ooops, have I asked the wrong question?


May 1st is a public holiday…known as May Day or Labor Day.

But Labor Day is observed on different day and month of year in some countries like in Canada, this day falls on October 4th.

This May day was inspired by the first organised workers — stonemasons and building workers on building sites around Melbourne, Australia. On 21 April 1856, they marched with no pay loss from Melbourne U to Parliament House campaigning for an 8-hour day movement: 8 hours of work; 8 hours of recreation; and 8 hours of rest.

Today, many work around the clock…to survive or, hoping to get rich — an addiction for more money…

C’est la vie!

Update (2nd May):  Viewing the pictures on BBC International and that read on the news, I find many countries held protests for improvement on the humanity front and food/oil crises on May Day…Cuba, Belgrade, Pakistan (Karachi) Indonesia (Jakarta), Russia, Germany (Hamburg, Zurich), Turkey (Istanbul), Afghanistan (Kabul) and Philippines, even Singapore.

I realise that it is so very difficult for a nation to return to its path of peace and prosperity when there was little agreement or support from governing leaders with its people.


#99 inconsistencies

There are many inconsistencies floating around the happenings in the world today.

UBS the 3rd largest bank in the world snowed under by huge losses created by the subprime in the US. If this is so, then why are banks in the US not go bust?

High inflation rates. Understanding a little…apparently a result of more supply of money to that demanded is the reason to inflate prices. What is the rationale?

The World Bank is taking out gold reserve to help the ‘money’ crunch…

What exactly is happening around the world?

#94 youth olympic games

Singapore will be the 1st nation to host the Youth Olympic Games in 2010…i.e. in less than 800 days. The opening ceremony will take place on 14th August with closing ceremony on the 26th instant.

This event is for the youth aged 14-18 years, a stepping stone to the Olympic Games.

Many countries in the world trained their young in anticipation to the Olympic Games…

There will be no record keeping for this YOG…interesting. The reason being — not to put pressure on winning but… What is the incentive to participate in the YOG? How is the young to be educated in the spirit of sports? 

I have many questions…

Where is the venue to be held? At the different locations in Singapore? Seating capacity?

How much will this YOG costs the nation? Budget is $75 million…without factoring in inflation costs? (I read that the Olympic Games to be hosted in UK was under-estimated.) Is the budget for the event of 12 days only? What about the venues to host such?

What is involved in hosting such an event?



I have always wanted to travel to the South American countries but… Looking at some stunning and glorious photos on flickrs were most inviting…

Fernando Lugo Mendez won the presidential election marking the end of the longest ruling party in the world — Colorado Party for 61 years.

The blog ‘Vox Nova’


gave an excellent insight, understanding and read on this.


Collective action: rallies, demonstrations, strikes, protests…

People power in the Philippines was able to oust one political party but…unable to lift the nation out of dire poverty. Why?