I realise it’s boring to blog quotes.

I enjoy reading Ralph Waldo Emerson. His writings influenced me since I was first introduced to him in my teens. Contrary to that I was brought up — protected and fearful of falling.

Our greatest glory


not in never falling,


in rising

every time we fall.


The glory of friendship

is not

the outstretched hand,

nor the kindly smile,

nor the joy of companionship.

It is the spiritual inspiration

that comes to one

when he discovers that someone else

believes in him

and is willing to trust him.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

#08 sunrise

Every sunrise is a present,

a gift from God above,

Gift-wrapped with scarlet ribbons

and tied with bows of love. 


Each day’s a new beginning,

a time to start anew,

While all the stars are sleeping,

the rose is fresh with dew. 


Every day’s a new creation,

too lovely to ignore,

And we may find a blessing,

just outside our door. 

We cannot keep the past,

like fireflies in a jar

Nor journey to the future

by wishing a star.


Every sunrise is a blessing,

a gift for just today.

Rejoice, my friend, embrace it

before it fades away! 

author unknown