#255 living and air pollution

Please let me know if I had infringed media rights by downloading or uploading this:


Artist Angela Palmer has given us concrete understanding on what air-pollution is about.

She observes that people living in Linfen, China which is the most polluted place in the world exudes life though poor. By contrast to having the cleanest air on earth, the people in Cape Grim, Australia are reserve and out of sight.

Thank you Artist Angela Palmer for sharing and BBC for putting this up.

#237 earning power

Can one’s earning power reflect how capable a person is in management of a corporation? Is one’s earning the gauge of his capability in running for offices in politics?

Recently theonlinecitizen.com posted that the Singapore Prime Minister gets $2.7 million per annum, topping the list of being the highest paid politician in the world — the US President, a token sum of $400K and many of the Western counterparts get much less!

You see in the West, if one wants to run for the top job in politics, one needs to be a millionaire first but in the Singapore context — if one  wants to be a millionaire, then join the existing political party and of course after stringent scrutiny on qualifications to office.

The rationale to reward high salaries to the governing leaders in Singapore is to attract good and able people into governance and to prevent leaders from using illegal means and ways of accumulating one’s wealth!

Mind you, Singapore is a tiny state to govern by contrast to the US or UK or France!


Since Barak Obama became the first black president in the US, interestingly the color black and people are featured more in news and magazines in the US and elsewhere.

The blacks seem to hold their heads high and unafraid of the word ‘black’. In the past, this word was derogatory and offensive but today, there was an almost exaltation of the blacks…”I’m glad I’m black” on t-shirts!

#207 who do you trust?

Having money is a problem these days. Putting money in the bank is no consolation either.

You lose your hard earned cash when a financial institution collapsed. I was told you could file for misrepresentation — that the profile of products bought did not suit the personality of one. How does this work?

The high turnover of officers serving you in the banks leaves one insecure and lacking continuity especially for the smaller or new savers. 

Why the high turnover of bank officers? The officer has to perform, otherwise the manager will be breathing down his neck daily. Should he not perform according to portfolio, the officer is shown the exit. If he did well, he was rewarded handsomely.

The latest news: Iceland is a country that is going bankrupt! What does that mean? Will those who had savings in the banks see these evaporate?

#183 life

Life’s a merry-go-round —

yesterday, an encouragement to have fewer babies

as the world population was exploding

today, more babies needed as baby boomers disappearing;

the young wise-up — no time for babies?

Stress and strains…a lacking?

In life, what goes up must come down —

that’s cyclical!

Life’s a competition?

Perhaps to a young 20-something,

 X and Y generation?

#134 marketing eros

These days, you can make money virtually in everything and in every field and aspects of life — even teaching one how to fall in love (eros) between opposite sexes and how to maintain that relationship! Yikes!

Have we become robots?

It appears many Singaporeans are good at rehashing from books or that heard but on things of emotions or life? Low in EQ? Half a person? Surviving for the sake of surviving? Lacking in commonsense to life?

I know in American society this kind of seminars are available…I don’t know for what reason…perhaps a way of creating jobs and income.

Does this mean Singapore has to ape America on this?

Singapore has been a nation where many know the answers to everything and life but delivery or living out…?

People compartmentalise…able to take risks in businesses or money-chasing but in matters of love and life…?!

Once I overheard a conversation between two young saying that there is profit gained in wedding dinners. This could be said for divorces too.

Naturally someone is making money: caterers, restaurants, wedding boutiques and legal firms, to name a few.


Is working mother a blessing or a bane for a woman?

Is raising a child not a full-time job for a mother? Why the need to enter the workplace?

Is this the result of having better education? Receiving an education means that the woman’s self-worth is enhanced if she enters the workplace?

Yesterday, the generation born before World War II were able to set up a family when only the man of the house worked and yet able to raise up children of 2 or more.

Today, the woman has to work in order to jointly raise a child or 2 children at most.

Yesterday, the women had to work because the family is poor.

Today, a vogue, fashion or darn thing that women enter the workforce? Why has she burdened herself? Is the woman not juggling two jobs at the same time — at workplace and at home?

Is there a need for the woman to supplement income in order to raise a child?

Is this progress of the human race? Is this an advance society where women have to work in order to maintain a family?

Is having a house-maid to take care of the child a way of showing that one is of better standing in society? Just like having a car or living in a condominium to raise one’s status in society?



Yesteryears, a man and woman married for life — divorce was frown upon; live in one location for a life time; and held on a job all one’s life.

Today, it is not unusual to change jobs, spouses or homes every few years —

  • jobs: for better prospects and better money;
  • spouses: together for a few years and decided to call quit but remain friends;
  • a child having more than one daddy or mummy or having one parent only!
  • homes: upgrading for better image and for investment! 


Yesterday, we throw away worn out and tattered old jeans because the jeans have a hole in the knee.

Today, many will spend a fortune on the latest fashion — jeans with a hole in the knee! Wear worn out jeans to be hip!


I’d been thinking a lot about anger lately.  

I know anger is a normal human emotion…a fact of life. There is nothing wrong with anger per se.

The problem is when the anger gets completely out of control…when it won’t let go…when it does some real harm to others…when it lashes out irrationally and makes one regret after…when one cannot see the bigger picture or another’s point of view…

Cursing, swearing or colorful charged words start flying…thinking becomes exaggerated and overly dramatic!

I recall the remark once made by this elderly friend who brought me to a rodeo long time ago. The atmosphere was highly charged. The cowboy was challenged to stay on the angry bull for several minutes when released in the ring. Those who couldn’t stay on were thrown off the bull and flung in the air.

He said, “You see the cowboy just stay on it. He flowed with the energy of the angry bull.” Then added, “Just like taming our anger.”

Indeed, the cowboy did not pacify or try ways and means to take control of the bull. He did not stop the bull or bring it back to the pen. He just stay on it. The cowboy flowed with the energy of the anger. He knew by forcing the angry bull to calm down before he’s ready, would only make the bull angrier and panicked more.

Such is paradox of life…