Today I hear many claiming working in the field of psychology!

I had an interesting conversation with a junior college student who claimed her sister was lecturing at the polytechnic in Singapore after receiving a general degree in psychology.

To practise psychology, one has to earn a master diploma (not a general degree) and in some countries required licensing.

To teach at a tertiary institution, I believe one needs a master diploma unless one is tutoring which means one is working on graduate studies (master programme)!

Why do the young need to brag I wonder? If she is not, I dread to think…

There is much confusion to subjects like profession or vocation especially that in vogue.

Many in Singapore dislike the word ‘vocation’ — thinking this is demeaning if such word is used. Obviously this reflects the level of understanding of the English language. Is Singapore education not offering English as first language in schools?

‘Vocation’ simply means ‘a calling or occupation’ — e.g. a doctor, a teacher. Many prefer the tag, ‘professional’. By the way, a skilled worker can be a profession!