#224 christmas

Love came down at this festive season

celebrating UNCONDITIONAL  INFINITE  love —

Christmas trees and litted tinsel trimmings;

gatherings and parties and carols;

gifts of love and appreciation 

shower on one another.

Christians remembering

GOD so LOVED the world

that He sent His Son 

full of grace and truth

to earth

to save the world

and redeem man to Himself.

What does this Christmas bring?

A time to enjoy one another and each other.

A time for reflection on self, career and future

awaiting 2009.

#186 church worship

Last evening was Friendship Sunday at worship service. This is evangelistic outreach — is this worship service? Can certain worship service on Sundays be made evangelistic meeting?

Do Christians need to add color to the normal liturgical worship? What is worship?

The speaker was youth parish staffworker who spoke from John 5:1-18, he kept harping on the phrase ‘do you want…’ to the question Jesus asked the invalid of 38 years. This lame man didn’t have anyone to help him into the pool when the water stirred which gave physical healing to those who jumped in: “Do you want to get well?” This invalid or paralysed man naturally wanted to be healed…however it was UNLAWFUL for anyone to carry or work on Sabbath…so these words were spoken in that context where legalism was prevalent.

Later Jesus found him in the temple [perhaps the healed wanted to know who Jesus was to report to the Jewish leaders] and told him to sin no more — though he had faith for physical healing he needed to understand his sins were forgiven and he needed to live his life aright to sin no more. This the speaker did not elucidate in his message — has he given half-truth message?

After 30 minutes or more of wordiness the speaker gave an altar call to those who wanted to believe in Jesus which none stood up but when he called for those needing healing, several went up.

His repeated phrase, ‘do you want…’: Want is not need. Want suggests there is craving…for more — has he missed a point in his message?

Do preachers listen to their own messages? Are the sermons on Sundays recorded for preachers to listen to improve on their delivery of the messages or God’s Word?

#155 a bridge for peace

I do not understand why the Christian women in the ministry want to fight for the role of bishop in the Anglican Diocese. Surely, when the time is right for the women to assume, there will be unanimous chorus, but presently…this might be one cause of schism within the Anglican leadership in the world.

I’m saddened…about this women leadership issue…

However, when I read this most refreshing and encouraging bit in the International Herald Tribune, my heart was thrilled as I view this video link, ‘baking their way to peace’: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid959009704?bclid=1350269312&bctid=1643952424

In France, some women formed an association where they led peace through baking…one bridge, the Muslims and Jews.

What a wonderful and powerful testimony!

#131 a holy, evangelical scam

Yesterday on BBC International I heard the tail end of a conversation but I could not find the program to verify the accuracy of this write. Thank you BBC International for this snippet.

It appears there will be an evangelical website on the internet for anyone who believes in the end times — rapture. The user might have to fork out US$40 for membership fee. It seems this group is trying to do good works by giving those non-believers a 2nd chance! What a religious scam!!!

The word ‘evangelical’ refers to Bible-believing Christians. But this group is surely not true believers in the Christian faith — as a matter of fact, they could be classified in this act as ‘anti-Christ’ during the end days.

Christianity is about putting one’s faith and believing in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Christianity is not about the end times — or rapture.

If a person believes and walks in the way of the Lord Jesus and lived on the promises of God faithfully, surely one need not wonder about one’s salvation. If a Christian believer is not assured of his/her belief, then…

However, if this group is using this as a form of ‘do-gooder’ to give non-believers a 2nd chance to believe, then this thinking goes against the grain of one’s belief and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Is this group using the word ‘evangelical’ to their convenience?

Glad each one is answerable to God and God alone on judgment day — that is if one believes in the afterlife!


For the Christians this week is Passion Week culminating in the sacrifice of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, to redeem man through the power of His resurrection. Without the Resurrection, there is no Christianity (reference New Testament of Bible 1 Corinthians 15). The people at the time were expecting a political figure to help redeem them but God Incarnate chose peace through sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

This recent event in Tibet reinforces religious leaders should not engage in politics. The role of religious leaders or church ministers is to shepherd and offer constructive ways to building the community in an unassuming manner.

As I hear about the tension and violence in Tibet which gets worse by the day, it appears the situation is grave to warrant China to take a stern stand and for the Dalai Lama to contemplate stepping down from his religious position. What is really happening?

Why do human beings want to destroy one another? The sins of the forebears have created this dilemma? Is there reconciliation?