#274 water everywhere

I grew up in the 1960s when floods were common place. For the past 35 years or so, there was no flood and I have complimented our first echelon of leaders for solving this longstanding and menacing flood problem to my foreign or overseas friends whenever they sprout negative remarks.

Today, and in particular this year 2010, water-level seems to have risen whenever there was heavier rain fall! Why? If the water-level is rising, what precautions are the respective authorities taking? Is this the result of blocked canals? Dare I point the finger — a result of outsourcing jobs where companies run by those who grew up in safe and secure nation-state that they ignore such things as clearing debri or blockages in canals? (Mind you there are more mosquitoes flitting around even on high-floors and rats seen running freely at night in recent years. Should one complain, this falls on deaf ear until that such affects one in authority personally!)

This news about handcuffing a photo-reporter is… Did the policeman read the man’s rights before handcuffing him? If he did not, then this borders abusing of power and infringing on the rights of the public.

If the defense that the photographer did not heed the policeman’s warning, surely the man-in-uniform should know how to outwit the man without making a fool of his uniform!

Mother-nature has a way of revealing some truths!