#252 exercise, exercise, exercise

I discover whatever regular regime of exercises (jogging, walking, swimming…) helps:

  1. increase my heart rate to maintaining a strong and healthy heart
  2. strengthen my body muscles, preventing aches and pains; over-exercising hurt though
  3. loosen bowels — less constipation
  4. make me breathe deeply to strengthen my lungs; I find I breathe in shallow manner as I grow older, sometimes causing poor sleep at night
  5. clear my mind as deep breathing carries oxygen in blood into the brain
  6. release toxic energies in body as toxic energies in body can cause depression or emotional problems or pathological illnesses or …
  7. by making me drink more water to replace that lost as the body is made up of 75% water and to flush out toxins in body, prevent constipation and cut down bad cholestrol (?)
  8. increase my appetite when I feel good and healthy

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