#242 swine flu

Ouch! Swine flu (H1N1 influenza A) floating in air.

The first case of humans transmitting viruses to pigs?

Will there be a slaughter of pigs around the world?

Travellers returning from Mexico are quarantined in different countries as prevention and precaution measures. I’m reminded of the SARS that happened in 2003, almost around the same time.

This time around, it began on the other side of the globe, Mexico — 22 fatals and 568 infected to date. Hopefully there will be no pandemic. I believe, many Asian countries will take draconian approach to this. So what is the hallebaloo between Mexico and China or any Asian countries?!

Ironically New Zealand, a country where she has kept herself well contained, could be the country where her nationals were infected as result of a group of students visiting there. Hopefully there will not be fatalities or further spread!

Prevention is better than cure…rather — It’s better safe than sorry!

Update 6 May 2009: This website gives a comprehensive understanding http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/swine-flu/MY00675

UPDATE 27 May 2009: Singapore confirms her first case — a 22-year-old SMU girl-student who went to NY from May 14-24 (on holiday? purpose?). Unfortunately she passed through the thermal scanner at the airport eventhough she had developed coughing on-board but sought medical help late morning…

UPDATE: WHO declared swine flu a pandemic (June 13?).

UPDATE 25 June 2009: To date, Singapore has increased to 220 cases of swine flu — are these imported from the school holidays travels?

              By comparison, considering the small size of population, 220 cases is relatively high– less than a month when first confirmed!