#225 numbers or service

One hears or reads statistics announcing the rise or fall of stocks or drop in sectors of economy. Are these useful for the public to gauge what is really happening or going on?

Take for example, tourism revenue. Is this that urgent or important? Fuel hike brought down many companies on the brink of closures. Naturally there will be fewer tourists into a country but do they bring in as much revenue as say, local spending?

The services offered in different sectors catering to the locals in Singapore is appalling.

Generally Singaporeans do not like to serve. 

Some, especially those in the service sector find this humiliating unless they are given a commission towards each sale. Many know what service is in theory but putting into practice…?!

A classic example: taxis with automatic doors. The taxi driver will not lift his finger to open the door for the passengers. I was told that automatic door service is for pregnant ladies or elderly.

In Japan, the taxi driver automatically opens the door when the taxi picks up a passenger. 

In shops or department stores, you see many salespersons around. They just add to the congested human traffic flow some time or chatting away on their own!

Furthermore, in some supermarkets or stores, you find workers blocking an area which is already congested!

In the past, store manager in highend department stores ensured all items of goods were nicely stacked on the shelves before opening hours to the public. These days, the workers come in at the same time as customers streaming in to make their purchases or buys!

Tell me, is this service provided to or for customers? 

Unfortunately many are willing to tout for sales but unwilling to offer services…

#224 christmas

Love came down at this festive season

celebrating UNCONDITIONAL  INFINITE  love —

Christmas trees and litted tinsel trimmings;

gatherings and parties and carols;

gifts of love and appreciation 

shower on one another.

Christians remembering

GOD so LOVED the world

that He sent His Son 

full of grace and truth

to earth

to save the world

and redeem man to Himself.

What does this Christmas bring?

A time to enjoy one another and each other.

A time for reflection on self, career and future

awaiting 2009.

#223 protestors

Interestingly, within a span of four months, there was a change of leadership in Thailand — from Samak to Somchai to Abhisit.

What were the protestors thinking when they sat in the two airports halting all flights and creating an economic crisis within the nation? Were they not slapping their own cheeks? Have they not made life difficult for the masses?

Have they fallen into the hands of those who paid them to protest?

Will these protestors wake up one day to regret the rest of their lives for their youthful wile?