#206 students in school uniforms

The school uniform a student wears serves as an identity.

Yesterday at a bus interchange, instead of queueing for the bus, a student in Nanyang Girls’ High uniform tried to cut queue. She thought by following an uncouth middle-aged man, no one bothered ticking her off.

This student obviously did not take pride in her school — neither pride in herself!

I have on occasions found students from the National JC or Hwa Chong JC loudly talking to one another or laughing away creating such din on a bus. They were not respecting themselves or other passengers already seated there!

Also, girl students from Raffles JC loitering on steps at Takashimaya. Once I tried suggesting to these students that if they had wanted to loiter, to do in more discreet fashion — either they changed into their home clothes or go to parks or sit around benches provided but not littered themselves on floor or on steps.

Yesteryears, we were proud of our school uniforms. Girl students would bring their home clothes to change after school if they had wanted to loiter.

Gone are the days when students from better or more elite schools cared if they bring shame upon the school or themselves. A sign of low self-esteem?!

Is social etiquette lacking? Where is the gracious society that we’re talking about?

Economically, we might be first class; social etiquette…? Or, is this freedom of expression?

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  1. That’s one great thing about our kids being in school uniforms they are easy to spot if their not in school. Likewise its easier to spot some one that doesn’t belong on campus

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