#204 fashion for elderly?

Airbags were invented for safety reasons. Today’s cars come with airbag fittings lest an accident occurred to protect the driver and passengers.

The Japanese, who champion many consumer-friendly gadgets, unveil airbags to help prevent human injury at an international exhibition:


Will wearing airbags be the fashion accessories of tomorrow for the ailing boomers generation?

#203 the new poor

There was concerted effort to weed out poverty.

Will this global financial crisis set to increase widespread poverty? 

Today’s poverty is not those living in the 3rd world countries but in the first world!

In the 1929 great depression, this depression followed after the Wall Street Crash. However this global financial crisis has taken more than 10 years after the black market crash in October 1987.

Obviously leaders in the US were either negligent or not able to arrest the problem after the 1987 October crash. In fact, rightly or wrongly, those able to read the economic and financial trends set to bust their home economy by personal gains?!

I guess man has short memory — almost 80 years is a long time…several new generations apart!

I hope the US financial collapse will not ripple across the world — although news had it the hurricane is moving towards Europe. Is this a result of globalisation?

Will tomorrow bring a new form of socialism after the emptiness and greed of capitalism?


Around 3.45pm I was rudely awakened by the loud laughter and cackle of thoughtless and unkind Malay male young adults.

I shall record to see how often one is rudely awakened by some thoughtless young.

We were told we can alert the police force but I thought they were suppose to make their rounds to keep the security around the housing estates.