#200 spend first pay later

‘Spend first, pay later’ — was the slogan to attract the use of credit cards.

Living on borrowed money was the vogue for the past 40 years conservatively. Instead of regarding this as debt, it was sugared as ‘credit’.

There was a time when it was regarded smart to travel first — to enjoy life first — then pay back later! Many were caught in this and eventually led some to loansharks which spiral into deeper debts and sufferings.

However in the West, this personal credit debt is now beyond control!

While it seems expedient to solve a person’s dilemma on short term but for long term, this means accumulated debts, eventually calling for personal bankruptcy when a person cannot pay up!

Does this mean the banks write-off these debts?

What does it mean for the person going on bankruptcy for short period? What does bankruptcy do to one’s reputation?

Is this one cause that has led the banks to the point of no return today?

Apparently in the US, foreclosures of small banks were common phenomenon. Many on the international scene were not aware that happened on the domestic front.

Is this financial crisis in the US the result where bigger banks are unable to resolve their crunch? Am I too simplistic? Or is there something more sinister?

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