#193 bloggers detained

Can bloggers be detained under the Internal Security Act? Is the ISA applicable to those blogging?

The latest in Malaysia: a blogger had been detained under the ISA. Was the blogger writing in official capacity…like a journalist? Sources given: he was warned by the authorities before.

Yikes…what is a blog? What is blogging? This has given a new twist or face to blogging today.

Self-censorship might be required but to be detained under ISA where that written could be evidence to incriminate self?

If that written by a blogger could come under criminal act? scrutiny, this proves then that whatever the blogger had written must be true. Otherwise the government would not go to the extent of detaining bloggers. Self-fulfilling prophecy on governing leaders? Hm…so there is truth to the words of bloggers! Arghhhh… Where is opinion? What is fact?

What is freedom of speech or written words?

Is the state or government taking too seriously that blogged?


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  1. I have had blogs totally deleted while typing them, not once, but one night I tried the whole night to blog, and each time I tried to get it on, it was deleted. Actually not long after that, I no longer had access to that blog, as my email address was stolen. I couldn’t get into it again as the password was changed and my personal info changed so couldn’t even get a new password. This message is genuine, there is someone else using the same name “aussietargetted” different email addy, leaving messages saying its me. Even leaving one on my own blog. I’m not saying it is government, but freedom of speech should be there for all humans.

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