#185 inconsiderate youths

Around 5.30am on a Sunday morning, a time when many who had a stressful week would want to sleep in only to be awakened by some inconsiderate youth.

They blared their Indian music and shout on top of their voices yelling I-don’t-know-what in Indian language and also smashing glass bottle.

I wonder why the Indians in the community do not go down and tick them off. If they did, did these youths not listen to them? Or are they afraid they would be beaten up one day?

If a person of another race were to tell them off, this would be construed as racist.

Without offense, are these youths not considering their parents or family members when they were making such din?

Are these youth from another community…where their parents and family members are not aware?

Are these not educated youths? Are these frustrated youths?

What is gracious society?