#168 talent

James Arthur Baldwin, American author and critic, once said,

Beyond talent lie all the usual words:

discipline, love, luck —

but, most of all, endurance.

I’d been keeping tabs and watching the Olympics when I can.

Congratulations to ALL the Olympians…not only those who clinch the medals.

Naturally there are many surprises. Take for instance the Australian 4X200m freestyle relay swimming team smashed the world record. The decision to get a new team of swimmers for the event clinched the gold for the nation.

That I observe: the body is not a mere machine but one created and needing the necessary rests for the body to recover. Mental endurance is not enough.

#167 guest in host country

Should a guest in a host country not observe the rules and regulations?

A foreign journalist in a host country needs to have the basic courtesy to observe whatever restrictions there are.

Those who believe in democracy can rule their countries in the way they wish and there must be respect for those in other systems of rule in a country.

Some foreign journalists behave like a child testing how far they can behave with their parents.

Is this one reason why journalists are hated and killed?