#163 opening ceremony of olympic games


(photo taken from 08ssolyopencer15-600: thank-u)

Magnificent…dazzling…moments of ecstatic joy and pleasure!

Display of fireworks splashed across the sky for those living in Beijing, outside the Bird’s Nest stadium.

There was a blend of old and new, modern and ancient, young and old through history and the arts — a dapple of chinese culture in historical perspective unfolds — using the scroll as backdrop which opened up fully to the lighting of the Olympic Torch cauldron as a way to officially start the Games on August 8th, 2008 [080808] at 8pm Beijing time.

The most spectacular was the first item on programme: 2000 (0r 2008) men clad in traditional costume standing in front of a drum to each performer. Well-thought out choreographed movements and music drum beat for eyes and ears. Brilliant blend to the first sounds of music man created.

Instead of releasing real doves in the air, the use of human hands crossed to movements to form the pattern of dove flying out of human hearts! Peace…from within flowing out to without.

The pure angelic voices of the children choir graced the occasion — specially composed?

The Olympic Games is one occasion when countries around the world unite regardless of race, religion, color or creed — 204 countries. I don’t even know the location of some of the smaller countries the athletes hailed from .

The opening and close of Olympic Games through history have been a display of man’s ingenuity and creativity — each Games brings fresh new display that is beyond words to describe…there is no comparison or one out-flung the other…such is the magnanmity and POWER of MAN.  

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