#156 looks

Why do some Asian females want to look like Caucasians?

Plastic surgery is in vogue.

Many young girls in Asia look alike. Previously, you could tell a Japanese from a Korean or a Chinese…however these days, after plastic surgery, somehow there is the look alike.

Hmm…this is better than cloning huh?

Many young ones paid handsomely for plastic surgery to get better paid jobs…better looking boyfriends or girlfriends or spouse. They do not know the pain they have to bear after the surgery or probable side-effects.

Can plastic surgery solve the human psychological issues of a person?

Beauty comes from within…it is spirit that exudes from within…not without. 

One might have perfect physical features, yet one’s looks is not as desirable, simply that from within didn’t shine through. As a matter of fact, one looks uglier. Somehow that physical patchwork doesn’t match the face and body and make-up of the individual’s personality.

Many celebrities look really ugly and plastic these days!

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