#155 a bridge for peace

I do not understand why the Christian women in the ministry want to fight for the role of bishop in the Anglican Diocese. Surely, when the time is right for the women to assume, there will be unanimous chorus, but presently…this might be one cause of schism within the Anglican leadership in the world.

I’m saddened…about this women leadership issue…

However, when I read this most refreshing and encouraging bit in the International Herald Tribune, my heart was thrilled as I view this video link, ‘baking their way to peace’: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid959009704?bclid=1350269312&bctid=1643952424

In France, some women formed an association where they led peace through baking…one bridge, the Muslims and Jews.

What a wonderful and powerful testimony!

#154 photos

I’d been enjoying the photos posted on flikr. I’ve yet able to post my pictures on this blog site as I don’t know how to reduce the size of picture to fit into each post.

I tried but…

Since I cannot manage this…unless someone guide me…I shall treat this a word blog. Sometimes, a picture speaks better than words though.