#148 foods

Why are there foods categorised into good foods and bad foods?

Is food bad for one’s health as a result of over-consumption?

Food glorious food! Take in moderation, food is good and nourishing the body.

However when one enters 60 years of age, one’s metabolism slows down markedly. Intake of foods are less likely to digest properly resulting in accumulated wastes which then build up toxins (?).

I’ve known of many who had a changed of diet contracted cancer.

There must be a balance in intake of food with physical exercise and a peaceful sound mind and intellectual stimulation to make life exciting, interesting and meaningful.


Ha! I’ve yet to come up with a 3rd career after retirement — to reinvent self. A year past yet… Life is getting restless and meaningless! Sad huh?

Surely I’m mature to fill my time well. To a measure, I have but…something is amiss, i.e. little or no challenges to test one’s mind and strength intellectually and socially.

Any suggestions? Any comments? Any advice?

#146 what is the human limit?

Can world athletes compete at any international events without taking performance enhanced drugs?

What is the use of competing when an athlete takes something to boost his performance? Will he honestly be proud of the fact that he/she is the fastest person in world? Is this a show of human prowess? What is the use of clocking the fastest time then — i.e. with the aid of high performance drugs? Will these drugs not give side-effects eventually? 

On the intellectual front, either an individual has it or none…so why not the physical aspect of the athletes?

Talent is based on man’s natural abilities of an individual through the nourishment of food and physical skills — without the use of enhanced performance drugs.

In the forthcoming Youth Olympics in 2010, will one see the teens in some countries take enhanced performance drugs just to win the event? Will this drug thwart one’s growth? Will there be freaked humans?

If so, will there be a tampering of genes to enhance one’s performance?

#145 economic recession?

Subprime, credit crunch and inflation: will these bring the world to a recession soon?

Finally the leaders are acknowledging that the US economy is experiencing recession! Will US economic recession affect the rest of the world?

Can the Asian economy correct or counteract this initial US recession?