#144 good customer service

Generally I dislike shopping as I found many sales assistants hired are not interested in offering service to customers but getting their pay. Many times I wonder why they were even hired…just to stack the sales items on the rack?

The impression that came across is the job is beneath them. If that was so, why enter this line of work? Why spent practically a whole day living in an unhappy state which in this case, spreading their unhappiness to another?

Customer service is service provided to give the customer pleasure and a wanting to return to the retail shop.

When a sales assistant is helpful and polite, shopping can be a lot fun. Naturally there are trying moments for the sales assistant when after serving a customer only to find nothing fit or worth buying…but this is the ‘stress’ in a job or comes with a job.

Yesterday when I was shopping, I see some changes in the profile of sales assistants — many are either China Chinese or Filipinos. They are good in attitude thus far as compared to some Singaporeans.

However last evening at Liz Clairborne outlet in Centerpoint, I was most impressed by the attitude of one Singaporean Malay sales assistant. The assistant serving me, offered to go out of her way to another outlet to collect the item I liked. I commend her spirit and attitude. The two sales assistants (one pregnant and both Malays) provided excellent service.

Attitude comes from the heart.

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