Mongolia is in a confused state — some Mongolians took to protest allegating that votes were rigged. Does freedom means protest and destruction of premises and getting one another arrested — in the name of human rights which the world is hawking on China’s human rights issue?

If Mongolians do not appreciate freedom, will there be elections in future? Will the world point a finger saying I told you so…that China is an authoritarian rule? Is this what the world wants to see in order to put that nation down?

I sincerely hope China will rise above criticisms and allegations…

I hope the world will give the present leaders in China a chance to run their nation which has long history of dissensions and strifes — certainly not easy to rule a country when it’s so huge in land area.

I wonder — is this a ploy of the human rights organisations especially by the exiled leader who claims himself a spiritual leader. If this exiled leader is truly a spiritual leader, he would not be involved in politics of this nature.

I note whenever reconciliation talk was taking place between the envoys of exiled leader and China, there would inevitably be some form of protests in parts of China. Is their holding talks a signal for more protests — so as to put China down as the Olympic Games is due in a couple of weeks’ time!

If this is so, this is a most devious ploy.

I certainly hope the world will focus on the Olympic Games as an event in celebration of athletic prowess and glory — not on politics or finger-pointing on human rights issue!


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