#136 hand-crafted mementos

Whenever I travel to different countries especially Europe, I cannot find locally hand-crafted mementos these days. Instead I find lots and lots of ‘Made in China’ goods.

Sad indeed. If I had wanted to buy any ‘Made in China’ goods, I could get these in Asia. Strangely many items I found overseas are not found in major China cities!

The days of hand-made creative crafts are lost.

Are we a generation without patience? Are we a generation who want creativity through speed…and perhaps to make money?

I remember seeing some hand-crafted wooden figurines in Bavaria, Germany made by an elderly gentleman. I recall his love and pride for his craftsmanship and I would pay for these. On subsequent visits in the 1990s, I could not find these…perhaps the elderly gentleman had passed away. What a shame…for such dying trade!

Many young complaint there is no job…perhaps in the cities, but there are things one can do in the creative line.

Similarly when I’m in Australia or New Zealand. There were some creative recycled and interesting hand-crafts or drift wood crafts which could be found in the past, but today…? Mind you, many of these are not cheap but there are those who appreciate and treasure such.

I have found many beautiful and refine hand-crafted souvenirs or mementos in the West in the past…today?

Where have creativity gone?

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