Are you one of those who were taught in schools that we keep to our right when we walk up and down the stairs or along the corridors?

This way, should there be an emergency, students would keep to their respective side of the walking space. Then there will be no pandemonium!

Today, one finds every one walks in the direction as one wishes. Most times, the individual meanders from left to right or, right to left.

Walking or jogging on the left or right of the road depends whether the individual is listening to his own body instinct or the influence of the West — i.e. North Americans (walk on the left as they drive on the left) or British (on the right — right-hand drive).

Can Singapore discipline the young in schools to walk in one direction and on one side of the pavement?

Will Singaporean families be considerate to walk in 2 files, especially those family members who would sprawl themselves across the pavement even when these were able to see an on-coming human traffic?

The new Singaporeans have become an ugly society! They leave their things everywhere. They make use of air-conditioned places for their own conveniences.

Take for instance, many school girls will leave their bags in one corner of the library and chat away in another location. The library has become a place for socialising rather than for reading! These young do not respect the purpose of a place.

The library officers have little authority to discipline the public users — then why bother employing officers? Are these officers there for show or puppets? Or are they there for the public to make fun of their existence? Has Singapore become a place of irk? Has the officers no right — only the public? Sic?

Are the new Singaporeans becoming a really ugly society? Is Singapore becoming an ugly place to live in or even visit by the tourists?

Where is the graciousness? Where is courtesy?

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