Last Saturday evening, in a crowded mrt ride home, I wonder about giving one’s seat to a child.

At a distance, I saw a family — a pregnant mother, father and a kindergarten-aged child standing — I decided to give up my seat for the pregnant mother, only to see the mother giving that seat to the child.

I whispered to the mother that I gave the seat for her. She asked her little daughter to let her sit but the daughter refused. Naturally those around did not vacate their seats.

This incident left me wondering — should one give up one’s seat when a pregnant mother gave her seat for her child? Children have better sense of balance than an adult, not mentioning a pregnant mother.

I had experienced another situation when I vacate my seat for a child, only to find the mother (young and not pregnant) taking the seat when her child stood by. I questioned then — should I have given up the seat?